Past Posting is a term used to describe a type of cheating in the game of Roulette. Is it something you might get away with?

Past Posting

Past Posting“Place your bets” and “no more bets” are mostly the common terms used by the Croupier in a casino. Past Posting happens when a bet is placed on the table after “no more bets” has been called.

If you have played roulette in a casino you will know that the roulette wheel is spun in one direction, then the ball is tossed in opposite direction. The time taken for the ball to land varies but on average it will be more than 10 seconds, perhaps even 15 seconds.

During that time, most have got their eye on the wheel, especially during the latter part of the spin cycle. The croupier is responsible for making sure that no more bets are placed on the table after his call is made. A good croupier will also make a mental note of the bets on the table.

Past Posting does happen with people who think the can beat the system by delaying their bet for a long as possible. Perhaps they think they can tell where the ball is going to land by observing the wheel. Well, at the point just before the ball lands the probability of prediction is at it’s highest. Past posting at that late time may pay dividends. Some have even been known to slip some chips onto the winning number after the ball has landed. Of course, the croupier, pit bosses and security would have to be looking the other way. Also. these days CCTV cameras are everywhere in casinos. There is a high probability that you would be caught pretty soon if you indulged in past posting.

Don’t do it

You might think that past posting is just a cheeky way of increasing your odds. However if you have won money and you get rumbled you will be in for a hard time. If the casino checks on CCTV how many times you have done it before, you might even get arrested.

If that is not enough to deter you, if you are spotted you might not necessarily be cautioned straight away. You might be entrapped at some point in the future.

You probably have have just as good a chance of winning by playing fair. Think about it, the roulette wheel is tried and tested random number generator. The ball is usually bounced of it’s path by some very well designed obstructions.

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Other Gambling Scams which involved criminal activity

The Roselli Brothers who conned the banks and casinos out of 37 million dollars during the 1990’s.

Louis Colavecchio who became an expert forger of casino tokens. He went to prison for seven years and then tried again.

Bill Brennan a casino employee who apparently walked out of a casino at the end of his shift with half a million dollars in casino chips and cash.

Dennis Nikrasch a slot machine cheat who reportedly won more than 15 million dollars over time.

Monique Laurent a Roulette cheat who worked with her brother to electronically control the outcome of the spin.

Ida Summers a casino worker who learned to re-arrange the cards so that the punters won.

Richard Marcus who won hundreds of thousands of dollars by manipulating casino chips.

Ronald Dale Harris and Reid NcNeil who learned to cheat the the gaming machine software.

Tommy Carmichael who manipulated slot machines to win. He is now a reformed character an works as a slot machine security consultant.

A Blackjack card counting scam which enabled a group of students win millions of dollars from US casinos.

A card cheating mobile phone which can scan and read a deck of cards, discovered by Google.

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