Pennsylvania Gambling expansion plans have been approved

Pennsylvania Gambling ExpansionYesterday, a wide-reaching Pennsylvania gambling expansion plans was approved with huge implications. It was the largest change seen by lawmakers since casinos were approved more than a decade since.

The change was promulgated by a need to repair a hole in the state budget and was voted by a majority of 109 to 72 with support from both GOP and Democratic Leaders. This was a huge opportunity to balance the books for the years to come.

The plans will include the expansion of casino style gambling style gambling trucks stops and casinos facilities at airport waiting lounges. Ten new casinos are planned across state.

However the widest sweeping plan is for State wide online casino gambling to be introduced. The new facilities will make Pennsylvania the fourth state to allow internet gambling. Casino and lottery games will be facilitated online to appeal to younger players. There will also be a spin-off as the lottery funds the elderly to play Keno.

Currently, on Nevada and Puerto Rico permit gambling at airports. Casinos and tourism are usually great friends.

US Casino Gambling Trends

This gambling expansion bill has been a couple of years in the making and is described by many as a very aggressive and futuristic piece of legislation. It is been viewed by many as a sweetener for many bitter bills to come for the future.

This opportunity has been seized for development now as a prospect for the future. Already, Pennsylvania casinos rake in more than any other state than Nevada but the US casino industry has been poising for changes in US gambling trends. Currently, Pennsylvania nets $14 billion dollars in tax from gambling but that will now be set to increase.

Pennsylvania which currently lags behind Nevada in revenue terms could easily inflict damage on Atlantic City. There, they have lost five of their twelve casinos since Pennsylvania opened its first casinos during 2006.

New gambling licences in Pennsylvania for 750 slot machines and 30 gaming tables will be auctioned to existing casino owners. Pennsylvania gambling expansion plans are in the making.

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