After a week of chaos the statement made by President Duterte has finally been clarified. Philippines gambling is now to exclude outsiders.

Philippines Gambling Clarification

Philippines Gambling
Yesterday Andrea Domingo clarified the intentions of Pagcor following a statement made by President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday. Andrea Domingo is the chairman of Pagcor regulate gambling in the Philippines. There was confusion after the Presidents statement in relation to the extent of a ban which he announced.

Andrea Domingo said that only unlicensed online gambling companies would be affected by President Duterte’s closure order. During October new licences were granted to 35 Filipino online gambling firms, the licences are valid for one year. It was thought that a total ban might include these firms. The President had caused confusion with his statement so this clarification was very welcome.

What this means is that online gambling companies which do not have a licence will be closed down. The intention is to prevent unlicensed gambling companies operating, who do not pay their taxes.

Philweb are the gambling software provider to Pagcor and they will now be the sole provider for all gaming in the Philippines. That is unless some of the offshore operators are able to obtain licenses. That is unlikely because, currently it is a monopoly, so total control is possible. It is interesting to note that Philweb software cannot be used anywhere else other than on Filipino licensed machines.

Philweb were licensed up until  August and they are currently in the process of renewing their licence with Pagcor. Philweb are responsible for providing online gaming machines to the 268 licensed internet cafes which are dedicated to gambling. Philippinos will not longer be able to use foreign online gambling casinos because they are no longer legal.


Effectively the ban means online Filippino gambling has been totally eradicated.

Philippines Gambling is now a closed sector in which outsider firms can no longer participate. It would seem the intention of Presidente Duerte was to prevent gambling firms who do not pay taxes in the Philippines from operating there.

Although the Presidents statement required clarification, what he did say was that online gambling must stop. In effect he may achieve that by banning Filipinos from using computers and other devices to access online gambling websites. In reality his intentions may be difficult to administer because it will require policing and the co-operation of offshore gambling firms. The alternative to that would be banning website IP addresses but the are many thousands of online casinos.

Russian gambling laws are already policed in the same way as the Philippines will be. United State Gambling laws are similar but payments to and from online gambling firms are banned.

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