The Short History of Playing Bridge

Playing BridgePlaying bridge can be traced back to the early 16th century. Sometimes known as “whist” it became popularly known as bridge it was first played at the Portland Club in 1894 from where it became famous.

By 1925, bridge had developed and the game as we know it today was established. It was known as contract bridge.

The first World Championship for the game took place in 1937 and in 1960 it became recognised as an Olympic Sport. It is regarded as an intellectual game and it now played worldwide. The next Bridge World Championships are being held in Lyon.

The game is mostly enjoyed by the older generation and it is sometimes played for money to give it more excitement. It is considered to be a community game and has eluded play at online casinos. It can however be played online at the bridge doctor.

The Basics

It is a game for four players. It is played at various levels but is most popularly played as a social game for entertainment. The game is popular with couples because it is played in teams of two. It is a highly sociable game and many players look forward to their bridge nights.

Teams sit opposite each other, usually at a square table. The four sides of the table are usually designated with compass points and the players are referred to as north and south versus east and west.

Before play begins the players take up their positions at the table and the cards get shuffled. A standard 52 car deck is used and the entire deck is used with each player receiving 13 cards face down. The dealing position rotates clockwise after each hand has been played.

The players take time to sort their cards by rank and suit. In the game aces are counted as high and all other cards are taken at face value.

At this stage the players make bids to make a contract. Generally bidding will be the result of the cards a player has. The more cards a player has in a suit and the higher the values the more lucky a player is likely to be. The object of the games is for the team to win seven or more sub rounds”tricks”. Points are scored as each trick is won.

The dealer gets to bid first and bidding rotates clockwise. The trump suit is named by the team with the highest number bid.

The suits are important during bidding. The more cards of one suit in your hand the more likely you are to win.


It is customary for the points awarded to be noted by a designated scorer. Normally the points be noted in two columns “we” and “they”

It is necessary to play as a team. Play attention to the bids your partner makes. If “no-trump” is declared it means the player will mean the suits become irrelevant.

Be careful not to over reach your bid because penalty points will have to be deducted from your score and paid to the other team.

A player does not have to make a bid, it can be passed to the next player. It the first three players pass the last bid wins the contract and determines the trump suit. If no bids are made the cards are reshuffled and dealt again.

The player winning the bid is called the “declarer” and the partner player is called the “dummy”. The other team are known as the “defenders”.

Play begins with the player to the left of the declarer placing a card face up on the table. The suit of this card then becomes suit of the trick. The trick can be won by the highest card of that suit, or the highest trump or “ruff” card. The other two suits do not count and are an opportunity for players to offload low cards if they do not have the lead suit.


A soon as the trick has been led the dummy spreads their hand out on the table. That hand is then played by the declarer until all the cards are expired. It each trick the highest card wins and the person winning will retain those four cards.

The player winning the trick will then lead the next one.

At the end of the thirteen tricks the points are tallied. If the declaring team made the contract they win the deal.

A points system can be chosen to suit the players. Normally extra points are awarded for making a no-trump contract.

The game continues as the hands are played and the scores get tallied accordingly.

Improving your Game

Playing bridge can while away a lot of time, hence it is popular with the older folks. Gaining experience it the best way to learn to at playing bridge. A big part of the game is learning to read you partner.

Some players use card scoring to determine the strength of a hand.When playing bridge one strategy is to lead with your best suit then play the next highest card from the dummy hand. If you win the trick you will lead the next trick and can play your strong cards to win. Boosting your early wins is a good idea and you can get an idea of how the game will play out. Win as many tricks as you can to boost you total.

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