Playing online slots is something which most people can understand quickly but you might want to read this guide in case you have miss something. Foremost before you play a machine, take a look at the the symbols to see which symbols and combinations offer the best winning value. It is an idea to familiarise yourself before you start playing.

When Playing Online Slots

Look out for the machines with progressive slot jackpots. Whilst your payout rate is marginally less you could walk away with a big win!

Playing Online SlotsPlaying slots is pretty much the same as playing them in a casino. The only difference with playing online is that you might not be so distracted by things going on around you in a casino. Did you know that payout rates generally higher online because the overheads for the operator are lower? Also, payout rates will vary from  machine to machine so you might want to make sure you are playing the best one.

Payout rates on the popular machines tend to be lower. Payout rates determine the overall monetary return to players. All of this is controlled by the Licensing Authority and you will generally find it published on the Casino website, although it might be a little hidden.

Another factor you might want to consider when playing online slots is which slots offer the best motivation. By motivation we are talking in terms in terms of free spins, wilds, scatters and bonus games. The software designers incorporate these things and generally the more established software designers like Microgaming and Netent will offer the best motivation. Of course these hooks do not always help you win, but they do not make the game more exciting. When playing online, it is easy to become hooked on a particular game, some of the best designed games are quite addictive. The graphics and audio can sometimes mesmerise players.


Scatter Win

A scatter win is awarded when the scatter symbol appear in all the reels. It does not have to be on a pay line so there is always a good chance of a scatter win. The scatter win usually unlocks a feature like free spins, mini games or other bonuses. Usually the scatter symbol is chosen to suit the theme of the machine.

The amount of free spins is usually determined by the number of scatter symbols shown in the display. More scatter symbols mean more free spins. You can still benefit from wild symbols appearing during the free spins.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols were an early slot machine feature, increasing the chances of winning on a pay line. The wild symbol is a bit like the Joker in a game of cards, it can be matched with any of the symbols. In most slot machine games the wild symbol is not allowed to contribute to a scatter win. It is void for the scatter win.

Sticky Wild

A sticky wild is when one or more wild symbols appear on a pay line and stay locked there for “x” number of subsequent spins. The chances of a payout on a winning combination of symbols are increased.

Shifting wild

This happens in a similar way to the appearance of a sticky wild. The difference is the wild symbol(s) moves around so you might not know this is happening.

Cascading Wild

Cascading wilds are another way of increasing your winning chances. A cascading wild happens when symbols above or below a symbol become duplicated to match that symbol.

Symbols and pay lines

Another thing you need to understand when playing online slots is that usually there will be three to five reels. The old mechanical slot machines were physically limited to about 22 symbols but computerised games can use more than that. Then you have a variety of pay lines, the more you use, the higher the stake but the better the chances of winning. There are a lot of choices to make to suit your own particular type of play.

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