The History of Poker

Poker HistoryPoker history is an interesting subject. Poker evolved over many centuries derived from various games to be what it is today. It was invented as a game of deceit.

It took popularity with the invention of playing cards and dominoes as far back as the ninth century in China. Bluff would have been a good name for the game.

During the twelfth century the Egyptians are known to have used forms playing cards although they may have been made from wood or carved stone. In the sixteen century more elaborate cards were used made from ivory or carved wood. Various combinations of symbols were used matching.

By the sixteenth century a Spanish game called “Primero” was taking hold. Players were dealt several cards and then betted and bluffed on the outcome. Later in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the French and Germans had their own version.

It is broadly acknowledged that the game of poker as we know it today was taken to Canada by French colonials. It was then called “Poque” and its popularity spread along the Mississippi across the US. Poker was played on the river boats and first documented in 1834 when Jonathan Green wrote about the cheating in his book. It was called poker.

Wild West Poker History

The insurgency of immigrants to the wild west caused a surge in poker history. Soon a poker table could be found in almost every saloon bar across America. During the American Civil War soldiers in both armies played the game.

Three card poker was the most popular game initially but other versions were were later invented.

Five card draw was popular during the Civil War. Although later prohibited for a while draw poker was accepted as a game of chance and legalised in Nevada casinos.

Seven card stud poker became popular during World War 2 and was then popular in the casinos.

During the 70s Texas Hold’em was conceived and it became hugely popular. Community cards were also dealt in the middle of the table for sharing to add to the excitement. Texas Hold’em is now the most popular game of poker in the world. It is played in most casinos.

Other games like Omaha, Stud Poker, Draw Poker and Razz are also popular in certain quarters but Texas Hold’em is now the most famous game of poker.

Electronic Poker

Television has made poker very popular. The game lends itself ideally to screening the principal participants in World Championships have become world-famous. Some of them have also become very wealthy. The prize pools for the major world tournaments run into millions. Such is the demand from poker spectators it is normally shown on prime time TV.

Poker now has a tremendous following all over the world, not only for spectators. There are now more than a million players world-wide, many earn their living from it.

The internet has increased people’s ability to play 24/7 without time restraint. The online casinos never close. Poker history is being made every second.

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