Resorts World Casino Dispute – When Katrina Bookman won $43 million on a slot machine in New York she expected to be paid out. That was not the case due to a disclaimer sign on the machine.

Resorts World Casino Dispute

Resorts World Casino Dispute - Katrina Bookman

Katrina Bookman was playing the Sphinx Wild slot machine at The casino in New York. Apparently, it delivered a win of 43 million dollars but when is a win not a win, that is the question. She was denied the win and now she is now considering Court proceedings.

She had taken a selfie showing the win but it was not long before her joy was drained away by the casino. A crowd on onlookers soon gathered on the casino floor and the area was awash with casino and security officials. She was escorted away and told to come back the next day so that they could consider a payout.

The next day the casino refused to pay out on the basis that they claimed the slot machine had malfunctioned. They offered to pay her original stake of $2.25 back plus a steak dinner.

Subsequently, the New York State Gambling Commission declared that the slot machine had malfunctioned and voided her play. Interestingly, all the slots machines in the casino display a sign next to the slot coin feed which says “Malfunctions Voids all Pays and Plays.” After investigation, the Gaming Commission said the bogus payout was a display malfunction. The machine was taken out of service, repaired and put back into service the next day.

As spokesman for the casino said that the machine had a maximum payout of $6,500. They also said they could not pay her even that because a malfunction voids all plays, under State Law.

The Gaming Commission has left the door open slightly by saying there was no reason why the casino could not offer Katrina some money to resolve the situation, even though legally she did not win anything.

Does Katrina Bookman deserve better compensation?

This Resorts World Casino dispute deserves more publicity. It seems wrong that a winner is not actually a winner due to a cunning legally binding notice.

If it is true that the machine malfunctioned, why did it visually deliver a win which was not real. In favour of the casino, is the fact that the maximum win on the Sphinx Wild slot machine is $6,500. However, people must be thinking that the odds against the players are pretty unfair if something like this can happen. The casino have said that maybe the machine manufacturer should be liable. Another legal sidestep perhaps.

It is possible that a Court case could obtain a ruling that the legally binding notice is unfair in that the casino could deny any win they choose to. Whether the slot machine actually malfunctioned would require scrutiny. One assumes that the New York State Gambling Commission were satisfied that it did. Was that independently assessed at the time, if not could that still be done now?

There are a lot of questions which need to be answered here. Obviously what the machine displayed when Katrina did or did not win was a huge mistake. One wonders if it had displayed a lesser win whether the casino would have paid out. $43 million dollars is a lot to lose for any casino. Why did the machine not shut down the display if it was malfunctioning, surely that is possible.

Hopefully this matter will be settled out of court amicably, it is doubtful that the casino would want to much publicity about this dispute. Personally, even if she did not win I think she should be compensated with something far more than a steak dinner. Come on guys do yourselves a favour, have a heart!

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