Rigged dice have been modified in a manner to increase the changes of it falling with a particular number on top

Rigged Dice

Rigged DiceThere is evidence that gambling started as long ago as 3000 BC. A pair of six-sided stone dice was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. Read more about the history of gambling.

Rigged dice are not really prevalent these days, especially in casinos. The dice you see in the image on the left are transparent so any tampering would be plain to see.

Over the years, many have been fascinated with the idea of rigging a dice so that it falls more often on a particular number, usually the six. The motivation for achieving this will of course have been money.

Dice are made from a number of materials, mostly from wood or plastic these days. Most are made with some quality controls in place. However it is possible to tamper with them after they have been made.

Dice are made in a variety of forms, with bevelled edges, rounded corners. Rigged dice will normally have been modified using some type of weight to imbalance it, or by making minute changes to the shape. Examples of dice which have been partially hollowed out have also been found. Heavy metal such as gold has been used to add weight. Other types of rigged dice will have raised spots to keep it rolling until it lands on the side without raised spots.

One of the most innovative ways of dice rigging involves changing the numbers. People have tried replicating a number twice, usually on opposite sides. A craps player can just simply switch the dice but the problem is as some point this type of rigged dice would be detected. In a casino environment the dice would be checked regularly.

Rigged dice and Craps

One of the most popular game where rigging the dice might be used is on a Craps table. That is because the outcome can result in winning money.

Some craps players claim to be able to throw the dice in a particular way to gain an advantage. Surely if you are playing with a pair of perfect matched dice that would not be probable.

Be assured that the dice used in a casino will have been finitely checked for perfection in terms of their physicality. A casino would soon be closed down for using dice which were rigged.

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Other Gambling Scams which involved criminal activity

The Roselli Brothers who conned the banks and casinos out of 37 million dollars during the 1990’s.

Louis Colavecchio who became an expert forger of casino tokens. He went to prison for seven years and then tried again.

Bill Brennan a casino employee who apparently walked out of a casino at the end of his shift with half a million dollars in casino chips and cash.

Dennis Nikrasch a slot machine cheat who reportedly won more than 15 million dollars over time.

Monique Laurent a Roulette cheat who worked with her brother to electronically control the outcome of the spin.

Ida Summers a casino worker who learned to re-arrange the cards so that the punters won.

Richard Marcus who won hundreds of thousands of dollars by manipulating casino chips.

Ronald Dale Harris and Reid NcNeil who learned to cheat the the gaming machine software.

Tommy Carmichael who manipulated slot machines to win. He is now a reformed character an works as a slot machine security consultant.

A Blackjack card counting scam which enabled a group of students to win millions of dollars from US casinos.

A card cheating mobile phone which can scan and read a deck of cards, discovered by Google.

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