The Roselli Brothers

The Roselli BrothersFamous for their deception, the Roselli brothers systematically stole 37 million dollars from casinos in the US and Puerto Rico during the 1990’s.

These two brothers were smart cookies. They managed to hide their deception for many years, to this day only they know who they are. The perfect crime, perhaps.

It was a very successful gambling crime based on identity theft from the national credit card system. The first step was to find people with very good credit card rating and create an account for them. It was really that simple in those days. They would set up half a dozen accounts and leave them dormant for a while so as not to attract attention. They never had any cash between them when they started this scam.

After six months had passed they would make an enquiry for an increased credit level. Amazingly, the banks were falling over themselves to lend the brothers money. The brothers then opened lines of credit with the casinos, usually in $50,000 blocks. They moved around from city to city so as not to attract attention. The money was soon piling up all over the place.

The Master Plan

Now about the gambling, the Roselli brothers were not stupid, that had hatched a cunning plan. Firstly they used an offset betting strategy. One brother would lose all his money while to one would win and remarkably this confused the casino bosses, who thought they were fools. The second thing happened after they had been branded as fools. The casinos would increase their lines of credit further and the real money was made, the bonus check was the only real money. All the other money they squandered was just part of this cunning plan.

The Roselli brothers soon went undercover to maintain their secrecy, they employed stooges to do the work. They became the masterminds behind the operation which went on for a decade. They dodged the police by moving around and were lucky not to have got caught.

Then again, you need to catch a criminal to solve a crime and if you do not know who it is, it must get pretty difficult. Identity was piece of plastic in those days, if you were one step ahead.

Other Gambling Scams which involved criminal activity

Louis Colavecchio who became an expert forger of casino tokens. He went to prison for seven years and then tried again.

Bill Brennan a casino employee who apparently walked out of a casino at the end of his shift with half a million dollars in casino chips and cash.

Dennis Nikrasch a slot machine cheat who reportedly won more than 15 million dollars over time.

Monique Laurent a Roulette cheat who worked with her brother to electronically control the outcome of the spin.

Ida Summers a casino worker who learned to re-arrange the cards so that the punters won.

Richard Marcus who won hundreds of thousands of dollars by manipulating casino chips.

Ronald Dale Harris and Reid NcNeil who learned to cheat the the gaming machine software.

Tommy Carmichael who manipulated slot machines to win. He is now a reformed character an works as a slot machine security consultant.

A Blackjack card counting scam which enabled a group of students to win millions of dollars from US casinos.

A card cheating mobile phone which can scan and read a deck of cards, discovered by Google.

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