Scratch Card History – How scratch cards came to be very successful

Scratch Card History National LotteryThe Invention

Most of us can recall seeing a scratch card or maybe even buying one. However you might not be aware that scratch cards were only invented in 1974, so they are a relatively new form of gaming. Scratch card history is relatively short.

Scratch cards were invented by two Americans, Mr Daniel Bower a retails promotion specialist and Mr John Koza, a computer scientist. They had already established that there was a huge market for an instant win Lottery Ticket and that was their motivation to develop the instant win scratch card.

Before of the idea instant win card was conceived, it was necessary to purchase a lottery ticket then wait for the numbers to be drawn. When buying a lottery ticket you have the option to choose a series of numbers or buy a ticket with randomly generated numbers.

The concept of the scratch card was different in that you buy a ticket which may or may not make you an instant winner. The appeal of the instant win card is that you find out if you have won in seconds. So, it is a game of chance with odds predetermined by the issuing organisation.

Lotteries were already regulated by Gaming Licences so they were an excellent target to market the concept of the instant win scratch card. In fact the Lotteries saw them as welcome extension to their main business platform. Scratch card history shows that it was the Lotteries that made them so popular today.

Having conceived the idea, Bowyer and Koza set about designing the card as we know it today. The cards give no indication of winning or losing and that is the key to the invention.

Scratch Card History Lotteries and Charities

Security is generally very good because they are mostly only sold through licensed Lottery outlets. The purchaser knows they are buying a bona fide ticket for example, when obtained though a Lottery ticket outlet.

The Lotteries invented lots of different games and combinations of wins and the scratch card became hugely popular in the US.

It was not until 1985 that the scratch card came to the UK. It was first adopted by the National Lottery.

Since then some Charities have adopted the use of the scratch card as a means to raise funds. These days, scratch cards may be purchased via retail outlets petrol stations and street vendors. You might be able to purchase them at your local hospital, for example. Prices are usually the value of high value coin but you can buy as many as you want.

Scratch cards have been used for non gaming purposes for example, phone cards. You can purchase a set amount of telephone credit in advance and use a hidden code on the scratch card to access the service.

The birth of online gambling in the 90s led to the virtual scratch card being sold via online casinos. They are a hugely popular method of gaming because of the exciting instant chance of winning.

Prizes range from the value of the ticket purchased up to some very large sums, maybe even millions. Some even offer the chance of winning a good income for life.

The Online Casino Scratch Card

Such is the popularity of the scratch card that you can now buy them while gambling at most online casinos. You might be interested to know that the average payout rate is around 95% in an online casino. That is because it is regulated by Licence. With National Lotteries, the pay out rate is typically much lower, around 50%. That is because they donate to Charities and other worthwhile causes.

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