Slot Machine Payout Rate

slot machine payout rateBefore put you put your money in a slot machine you should consider the slot machine payout rate. Casinos are businesses and typically they will keep around 3% on the money wagered on the machine over the life cycle of the machine.

So, you might be thinking that’s not so bad, I stand a good chance of winning. Think again, it is not that simple.

Slot machines are controlled by random number generators which determine whether each spin is a win or a loss. Over a cycle of an hour or so it will deliver some wins and losses. The gaming software is designed to do that in a way which has captivated players for many years.

Imagine the normal scenario where you put $10 into the machine and select your pay lines and stake. Your money is all but spent by now but you wait eagerly to see if you will win. This is the buzz you get. Will you walk away with $20 or lose it all? You money has already left your pocket. Will you keep playing all afternoon or will you quit when you are $20 up? If you do, the chances are you will play on another machine which takes your eye. The casino is playing with your spirit to win, it is cunning psychology.

Mesmerizing as the process of play is, it is never possible to predict the slot machine payout rate over any period of time. It is a simply game of luck. There are some quirky things about slot machines and there are ways to increase your chances of winning. It is wise to understand slot secrets to help you increase your chances.

Playing Slot machines for profit

Many regular players will think that playing a slot machine on a Monday after busy weekend will offer a good chance of winning. It is nothing to do with emptying the machine, they are often topped up to pay out large wins. Other predatory players will pounce on a machine after some poor soul has suffered a long losing spell. Some players start winning and the increase their stake, sometimes that can trigger a big win. The truth is these ideas make no difference, it is purely a game of luck.

Playing a progressive slot jackpot machine can deliver a life changing win but the chances are slim. The machines are linked, sometimes in large numbers and players can see the jackpot increasing. A small percentage of the slot machine payout rate is set aside to accumulate a jackpot payout, typically 1%. Psychologically it is probably better to play a progressive jackpot slot machine for a slightly lesser payout rate.

The payout rates are published by bona fide licensed casinos so you can choose to play a machine the offers a better chance. The reality is though that it will make no difference to how much you win or lose over a given period. Some players will luckier that others. Have you ever been sat next to a player on a roll?

Playing slot machines for profit it not a good idea, it will never happen in the long term unless you have lady luck on your side. Most serious gamblers play cards games like poker and blackjack where a player can increase the odds of winning by counting the cards.

Good advice

Remember this; when you walk into a casino you will see that around 80% if the floor area is occupied by slot machines. That is because they offer casinos the best possible return.

You should enjoy slot machine play for what it is, fun! Never wager more than you can afford to lose and always retain control of your faculties. It is better not to drink because your judgement might be impaired.

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