Sport gambling history shows it has become on of the most popular forms of gambling in the modern-day since it went online. Gambling on sports events is now hugely popular.

Sport Gambling History

Sport Gambling HistorySince the late 1950’s, one of the most popular types of  sport gambling was entering the football pools. The object was to predict eight draws in top flight football and achieve 24 points. If you won the top prize it was a life changing win. Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters were the major companies involved. You could enter by post or have a local agent collect your entry. The outlay was very small and many people  started entering the football pools when the results were first televised. It was a hugely popular socially acceptable from of gambling.

At around the same time horse racing also started being televised. It was possible to watch the races live in the afternoons. The serious gamblers would buy a newspaper and study the form prior to the races. From 1961 changes in UK Gambling legislation caused a massive surge in the opening of bookmaking shops. A quick trip to the bookmakers was required, or a phone call if you had an account. Sport Gambling on the horses was very popular but there was a stigma attached to it. Many a family were adversely affected by predominantly males, frittering away the house-keeping budget. The major bookmakers from the early days were Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power. Today you can still see a high street presence of betting shops although it known they are diminishing.

Many of the elite in sport gambling would go to see the races live, still to this day live horse racing is a hugely popular sport. Of course, at the track it is possible to see the horses in the paddock prior to the race and perhaps place a bet with better odds than you would get at bookmaking shop.

Modern day Sport Gambling

From the millennium everything changed, the surge in internet availability saw many of the bookmakers setting up online sport gambling websites. Sport gambling had becomes easily accessible and it caught on in a big way. Later the availability of apps for mobile devices increased popularity further. Sport gambling has become an everyday thing with a huge range of betting options now available.

These days, more women are becoming involved in sports betting as a means of enjoying their leisure time. However, most would agree that the male gambler is likely to bet more frequently.

Sport betting is now often the topic of conversation at home, in the workplace or down the pub. Sports betting is now seen as a chosen way of life for those that dabble. People do not generally think of sport gambling being a shady undercover pastime anymore.

One thing which has not changed is the biggest day of the week for gambling. Most of the live sporting events are on Saturdays, perfect for having a flutter and winding down for the weekend.

Sport gambling history is well laid down by the media.

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