Abilify drug warning – excessive gambling side effect

Abilify Drug WarningMedia organisation Fox31 just published an article about the side effects of taking Abilify or a related Aripiprazole drug. This Abilify drug warning comes following a safety announcement made by the FDA last May. (US Food Drug Administration) Abilify is a anti-psychotoc drug developed to treat people with depression and bipolar disorder.

If you have been taking Abilify you really must read on because you might have been adversely affect by it. Abilify was first approved by the FDA during 2002 and by 2015 it had secured 8.7 million prescription per year. It is now one of the most profitable drugs in the US.

Amongst the side effects is a desire to gamble.  Others side effects include over-endulging in sex, food, shopping and general bingeing.

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