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Pokie Profits Surge in New South Wales

Pokie profits surge calls for transparency

Pokie profits surgeFollowing recent alarming gambling statistics there have been calls for pubs and clubs with pokie machines to publish their profits every month. A pokie profits surge has promoted a call for action.

It is not surprising there has been an outcry. The statistics revealed that 5.4 billion dollars was lost by pokie players in New South Wales last year. State spending on pokies increased by almost 10%. Pokie profits are a large part of the increase. On top of that, last year Australia was declared to have the highest gambling spending rate per head in the world.

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Australian Gambling Virus

Australian gambling virus takes hold

Australian Gambling VirusCall it what you like but looking at this chart published by The Economist does suggest that an Australian gambling virus might be taking hold. Credit is also given to H2 Gambling Consultants who carried out the research.

If you are English you might not know that Pokies are slot machines down under. They are being blamed for the upsurge in gambling.

Australia is now officially suffers the highest gambling losses per head in the world. Strangely you would expect all that outdoor life to occupy Aussies but it seems gambling has become a large part of their modern culture.

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New Australia Gambling Law

A new Australian gambling law could be passed if the Senators vote to pass it. However will it really improve the scourge of Gambling in Australia?

New Australian Gambling Law

New Australian Gambling LawGambling has become a problem in Australia. It is well-known that they spend more per capita than any other country in the world. Currently there is a bid to introduce a new gambling law in an attempt to reduce the problem. Increased numbers of people have been enjoying online gambling. The Government and people affected by gambling are keen to see online gambling restricted.

On Thursday, Mitch Fifield, the Australian Communications Minister entered the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 into parliament. The last amendment was passed by Senate in 2001, a long time ago. The gambling industry in Australia has been very progressive since then.

This week a new 2016 Bill was announced to restrict online gambling operations in Australia. A new forceful gambling law in the making. It is proposed that new laws will prevent online offshore operators acting illegally in Australia.

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Australian Gambling Laws

Australian gambling laws seem very lapse, the have allowed Australians to become the highest wagerers per capita in the world.

Australian Gambling Laws

Australian Gambling LawsGambling Laws in Australia have generally been the responsibility of individual territories rather than Central Government. Gambling has become a problem in Australia and more recently central government is taking a more active stance. The negative impact of gambling on Australian Society has long been a matter of concern for the people of Australia.

Gambling is very popular in Australia. In fact it has the highest expenditure per head than any other county in the world. The laws have been very lapse, licensed land based casinos are permitted and indeed many exist. The new Crown Casino in Melbourne is a recently constructed Australian mega casino resort.

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Crown Casino Melbourne

Crown Casino Melbourne is in a wonderful City Venue

The Crown Casino Melbourne is a great venue in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is a massive waterfront development constructed in 1998. The development incorporates three hotels, function suites, a shopping centre and entertainment facilities. There are also award-winning restaurants and international shopping facilities. The development is seen as a huge success for tourism in Australia. The building sits on the south bank of the beautiful Yarra River.

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