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Playing Blackjack and Card Counting

Learn How to Play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack and Card CountingPlaying blackjack is really simple but there can be a lot of skill involved at winning. The secret is card counting to predict the next card.

According to records the history of blackjack goes back centuries in one form or another. However if was not until the 60’s that the public started learning to beat the dealer. The casinos soon got wise to it and came up with a simple way to reduce the odds of a player using card counting to win. The number of decks of cards being used could be increased to make prediction by card counting much more difficult.

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Blackjack History

Blackjack History – The Origins 

Blackjack HistoryBlackjack history began in 1440 when it was referred to by a French priest, the name of the game was Trente-un. (Thirty-one). By 1570 it was mentioned in the text of the famous French author Miguel de Cervantes who went on to write Don Quixote. The rules of “thirty-one” were not written for preserve but it was probably a game in which the score of the winning hand equated to 31.

Because the game was so simple there were many early variations of early card scoring games in France and Spain. The concept of a card game using a deck where the next card drawn would have a low probability of the player hitting a the target score and a high probability of not reaching it was exciting. Do you take another card and go past the target score or stick win with highest hand.

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Blackjack video tips

Learn some Blackjack video tips to help your game

If you are not skilled at playing blackjack but you would like to learn, you can pick it up easily by watching Blackjack video tips. If you already consider yourself a skilled player why not take a bit of time to listen to an expert, you might learn something new.

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FedEx True Story

FedEx True Story: Fred Smith founder and current Chief Executive Officer saved the day for FedEx with a 5 thousand dollar gambling spree in Vegas.

FedEx true story about how Fred Smith saved the day

Fred Smith FedEx True Story

During the early days of a new business it is easy to suffer cash flow problems due to sporadic payment problems. For a growing business to survive it needs credit lines to fund cash flow deficit at times. No one will ever know what the reasons behind this FedEx true story are, except Fred Smith.

Fred Smith founded the company during 1971 with a personal 4 million dollar investment and an additional 90 million investment. The objective was to build a company which could send overnight deliveries to anywhere in the world. You might think that was a very bold undertaking but no other company was offering this type of service at the time. Well that was a big gamble in itself.

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Blackjack Card Counting Scam

A group of MIT maths students put their spare time to very good use developing a Blackjack Card Counting scam. They legally won millions of dollars using sophisticated prediction skills.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIT Blackjack Card Counting ScamThe imagination of young minded students is often surprising. MIT is well-known the world over for its high level of teaching for those reading technology subjects. During the 1990’s a group of students at MIT went somewhat off track, they focussed their energies on mathematical odds in the game of Blackjack.

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Hand Mucking

With hand mucking, the quickness of the hand deceives the eye. A hand mucker will normally work alone with some agility and a poker face.

Hand Mucking

Hand Mucking TechniqueMuck in normal terms is mess, rubbish or anything which you might want to throw away. In poker terms muck is a piles of cards which is discarded, when a player folds or throws in his cards, the hand, or group of cards, which is abandoned is known as muck.

Hand mucking occurs when a player deliberately retains a card for later use in the game. The card will be concealed or hidden, thus it is secretly withdrawn from the game. Well, you might ask how does that happen without detection? It is a well practised sleight of the hand. Normally, when hand mucking the offending player will conceal the removed card in a pocket, under a leg, up a sleeve, or even under the table.

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Gambling History

Gambling History from Ancient Times to the Online Revolution Today

Gambling History - Ancient DiceAncient Gambling History

There is evidence  in gambling history that it all started in Egyptian times as far back as 3000 BC. A pair of dice was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. However it is not known whether it was a popular pastime with wagers being made. Maybe it was just a simple game.

According to documented gambling history it all started back in the ancient Greek and Roman times. There were references to it being born from the Gods. Although not legal in those times, it was practised by all walks of life from peasants to Emperors.

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