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Brazil Gambling Ban Under Review

Brazil to Regulate Casino Gambling

Brazil GamblingFor 75 years Brazil has imposed a gambling ban. Now it is under review to help plug the nation’s budget deficit. In Brazil gambling is under review.

In 1941 Brazil outlawed gambling in Brazil as part  of their Criminal Contravention Act. President Eurico Dutra issued a decree to shut down all existing casinos.

Currently only Lotteries, as well as poker and betting on horse races are legal. The latter were accepted as skill based activities.

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New Philippines Casino Resort announced

New Philippines Casino Resort announced for Cebu

Philippines Casino ResortAn expected project has been given the green light by Philippine Gaming Regulator PACGOR. A new $500 million Philippines casino resort is to be built on the  island of Cebu.

The location was selected with tourism in mind. The Philippines are hoping to attract wealthy Chinese tourists to generate gambling and tourism and revenue. It will be the first casino resort outside of the capital Manilla. The Chinese crackdown on corruption scared many of the wealthy visitors away from Macau but it is recovering now.

Cebu is the second largest developed area in the Philippines and being a tourist area the development is expected to be very welcome. There are already three integrated gaming resorts in the capital city so this will be seen as an expansion of facilities.

Cebu is not the only island to be developed for casinos. The is a $2.4 million dollar resort being constructed in Manilla. The developer, Japanese gambling tycoon Kazuo Okada said in Manila on Wednesday he hoped to make the Philippines “the next Hawaii”

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