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Las Vegas Casino Security

Does Las Vegas casino security need a rethink?

Las Vegas Casino SecuritySometimes in life a catastrophic event dictates a complete rethink. Las Vegas casino security was recently dealt a real blow. On Monday 2nd October 2017, 59 people died and more than 525 people were injured because a mad man breached security at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

It is not yet clear why this shocking event happened but it appears to have been well planned. The deadliest US shooting attack was executed by lone 64-year-old gunmen Stephen Paddock from the 32nd floor on the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

The scene prior to the massacre was an outdoor country music concert with thousands of revellers. It was an indiscriminate shooting but some clever planning was involved over several days. John Paddock was allowed to amass sixteen rifles and a handgun within his hotel room.

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Foxwoods Casino Resort Mashantucket Connecticut

The Foxwoods Casino Resort in Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino ResortFoxwoods Casino Resort is the largest of its kind in North America. Located in Connecticut it is well situated midway between New York and Boston on the Interstate 95. The resort opened in 1992, it was successful and it has moved with the times.

In all, the resort has no less than seven casinos, four hotels, world-renowned spas, award-winning golf, state of the art theatres and a range of exclusive retail outlets. Also the meeting and convention facilities are second to none.

The resort is owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. They are one of Connecticut’s largest tax payers and largest employers.

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Pechanga Casino Resort California

The Pechanga Casino Resort in southern California

Pechanga Casino ResortThe Pechanga Casino Resort in the southern California wine country was opened in 2002. It was the largest casino resort in California and one of the largest in the US. In 2015 it was named “Best Casino” by USA Today.

During December 2015 work commenced on a $285 million dollar expansion plan due to open in 2018.

The resort is entirely owned and run by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians who have occupied the Temecula valley for more than 10,000 years.

It is well situated close to Interstate 15 running between Los Angeles and San Diego. From the resort there are shuttle buses to all the other holiday attractions in the area.

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Random Number Generators

Are Random Number Generators truly random?

Random Number GeneratorsHaving carried out some research on random number generators or RNG’s for short I concluded that there are degrees of randomness. The whole thing is really complicated, just like infinity itself.

Why do we need it? For betting or gambling of course, it has no other use than prediction. Since ancient times rolling the dice, flipping a coin or using playing cards all have forms of random number generation. In this article we only consider random RNG’s in machines.

Random number generation can be really simple as in the flip of a coin. However as the number of outcomes increases it can become a hugely complex task. For example flipping a coin only has two outcomes and in theory that outcome could be repeated an infinite number of times. The reality of course is that the odds of 2:1 are rather more balanced.

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City of Dreams Casino Resort Macau

All About the City of Dreams Casino Resort in Macau

City of Dreams Casino Resort MacauThe Background

Work commenced on the City of Dreams Casino Resort Macau during 2014. Designed by Architects Zaha Hadid, it is an architectural landmark in the Cotai district of Macau. It boasts 151,000 m2 of constructed area over 39 floors with 783 rooms, shopping facilities, the casino, numerous restaurants and a rooftop swimming pool. Melco Crown Entertainment commissioned the building.

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Casinos and Tourism

Casino Tourism and how the two attract

Casino TourismSince the first casinos were built the impact on tourism was all too all to apparent. Casino tourism has been a successful partnership the world over.

The most recent success has been Macau which has overtaken the world in terms of gambling revenue, before that Las Vegas was the top destination. Even before that Monte Carlo was the pioneer gambling resort. These high stake investments all changed the fortunes of the locations. Indeed, it is hard to think of any location where gambling has not promoted tourism.

Japan has recently legalised casinos in order to boost tourism. The decisions made to develop casinos are nearly always governmental. Vietnam and Cambodia are also making inroads to develop casino tourism.

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Sad Gambling Crime

When robbing a bank is a sad gambling crime

Sad Gambling CrimeThis is the true story of a very sad gambling crime which occurred last year in the US State of West Virginia. This poor chap really crossed the line.

The story began on August 2nd last year when Kerry Johnston 52, went to gamble at the local Mardi Gras Casino in the small town of Nitro. Having almost run out of money he decided to go to the bank but instead of withdrawing funds he decided to rob the bank.

He placed a handwritten note under the counter claiming that he had a bomb and a weapon. He was given around $5,000 in cash and remarkably, returned to the casino to continue playing.  Earlier he had left a $25 to hold his position until he returned.

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Casino Security Systems

The Scope of Casino Security Systems

Casino Security SystemsWhen you enter a land-based casino you might not immediately be aware that you are under the watchful eye of complex casino security systems. In order to enter a casino will be required to sign in with proof of identity and age, many casinos will also take a photo of you. It might surprise you to know that many casinos use facial recognition technology to pick out known offenders. Your car licence plate may even have been scanned before you enter the building.

Take a look around when you enter  a casino and you will see many casino staff. They are highly trained individuals and experts in customer service and security. You will see dealers, pit bosses, hosts, cashiers, slot machine attendants and supervisors everywhere. Most have a service role within the casino but others are highly watchful observers looking out for scammers. In the past Slot machine software cheats have been caught in the act.

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New Del Lago Casino Resort Opens

New Del Lago Casino Resort opens on time

Del Lago Casino ResortYesterday the new Del Lago Casino Resort opened in New York close to the Canadian Border on the Interstate 90. At a cost of 440 million dollars it promises to be a popular venue, initially with 9,000 visitors a day.

It is well situated in a culturally rich holiday area close to the fingers lakes area, famous for its diversity of wildlife. The hotel will not officially open until the summer but the casino is now open for business. Casinos and tourism always go hand in hand.

The resort will be open for business 24 hours a day. The hotel will have 205 rooms with exciting public areas. Apart from the casino there is a large Spa and beauty salon and up-market shopping facilities to rival major retail areas. There are many eateries including a premium steakhouse, farmers buffet market and numerous pizza and burger joints.

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Amazing Roulette Win Nets $3.5 Million

Amazing Roulette win nets $3.5 million dollar win on a single spin

Amazing Roulette WinOn 3rd January, Brazilian Pedro Grendene Bartelle was playing Roulette at the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este in Uruguay. His amazing roulette win followed a stake of $35,000 on number the red number 32.

Playing roulette with friends, Pedro Bartelle was showing off a bit with friends when he placed the bet. The entire episode was caught on video and the crowd erupted as the ball landed on red 32. If you are wondering how he could have won so much, his friends also wagered large amounts of money on the same number. Pedro’s personal win would have been around $1.25 million.

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