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Sad Gambling Crime

When robbing a bank is a sad gambling crime

Sad Gambling CrimeThis is the true story of a very sad gambling crime which occurred last year in the US State of West Virginia. This poor chap really crossed the line.

The story began on August 2nd last year when Kerry Johnston 52, went to gamble at the local Mardi Gras Casino in the small town of Nitro. Having almost run out of money he decided to go to the bank but instead of withdrawing funds he decided to rob the bank.

He placed a handwritten note under the counter claiming that he had a bomb and a weapon. He was given around $5,000 in cash and remarkably, returned to the casino to continue playing.  Earlier he had left a $25 to hold his position until he returned.

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Bill Brennan Casino Thief?

Was it Bill Brennan, an employee at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas who stole half a million dollars from the Casino? Was he the casino thief?

Bill Brennan was a humble casino employee but was he the casino thief?

Bill Brennan Casino ThiefAlthough there was no evidence, Bill Brennan was thought to have stolen the half a million dollars. Strange as it may seem, it is alleged that he just walked out with the money and disappeared. He was never found to answer to any allegations so, it is still a mystery to this day.

It was 1992 and Bill Brennan had been working at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas for four years. By all accounts he was a bit of a loner with not too much personality. They say that, initially he was a good worker but he was later turned down for promotion. Maybe he developed a chip on his shoulder.

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Slot Machine Software Cheats

Two Americans, Ronald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNeal have gone down in history as two of the biggest slot machine software cheats of all time.

Slot Machine Software Cheats

Slot machine software cheats - Ronald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNealRonald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNeal were charged during January of 1995 with attempted theft by deception, computer theft and conspiracy. New Jersey State Police had gathered sufficient information and evidence to charge both of these slot machine software cheats. They had scooped a Keno jackpot win of $100,000 from Bally’s Park Casino.

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