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UK House Raffle and Winning

The odds of winning at a UK house raffle

Melling Manor UK House RaffleWinning a UK house raffle is something which you might dream about. Well why not, you can actually achieve you wildest dreams and own a house outright, yes and with no mortgage. The latest concept in home owning is that the owner actually gets to give away the house free of charge to the grateful winner.

There has already been one house winners in UK House Raffle. Marie Segar won Melling Manor after entering a property raffle. The property is estimated to be worth £800,000 in today’s market. Marie purchased 20 tickets at £2 each and scooped a prize piece of real estate. She is now also known Lady of Melling officially by title. That was during 2014.

Since then, there has been a surge in real estate raffles being held all over the country. They can get quite infectious, if you look them, you may even have seen then in the newspapers.

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Cyprus Villa Raffle

Cyprus Villa Raffle closing date is 1st February 2018

Cyprus Villa RaffleThis Cyprus villa raffle could be a novel way of becoming the owner of three bedroom villa with a pool for just £2. The villa is of modern design and has been well looked after.

The location of the property is Kathikas, which is one of the Laona villages in the Paphos District of Cyprus. It is situated on a plateau 23 kilometers north of Paphos. It has an altitude of 645m.

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