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Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Gambling Laws in Hawaii are very strict

Gambling Laws in HawaiiInterstate law can vary in Hawaii due to the Indian Reservations but they are relatively strict. Generally, gambling laws in Hawaii ban the practice altogether.

Gambling is banned on a casino or cruise ship. Social gambling is permitted but only in private places in the Aloha States but only in private. It is not permitted in public places bars, restaurants, motels, hotels, nightclubs or business establishments.

The use of any kind of slot machine is banned and the possession of gambling records is banned in including bookmaking.

Also, wagering is prohibited on horse or dog races or in any public place. 

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Stanley Fujitake – The Golden Arm Hawaiian Craps King

Stanley Fujitake – Hawaiian Golden Arm King of Craps

Stanley Fujitake - Hawaiian Craps King Golden Arm ClubStanley Fujitake is remembered for a famous day in May 1989 when he rolled the dice 118 times for more than three hours. He earned the title, Hawaiian Craps King, founded the Golden Arm Club and won around $30,000 dollars. It happened at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The owner of the casino at time was Sam Boyd who offered cheap vacation packages to the Hawaiian Islanders. The casino was down-town but that did not seem to matter. Hawaiians were attracted to the cheap packages in their droves, sometimes the flights cost less the $10. It was one of those tourism ideas which clicked and fell into place. The Alohan language is spoken for the Islanders and hotel has a Hawaiian theme.

Those of you who understand playing craps will know that holding onto the dice of even half an hour is an unusual feat. One hour is outstanding but more the three hours set a record at the time.  For those of you who would like to understand the game of craps, check this out. Continue reading

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