Manchester House Raffle – Win a 3 Bed Home in Central Manchester for £5

Manchester House Raffle get on the housing ladder mortgage freeThis Manchester House Raffle is a golden opportunity to get on the housing ladder mortgage free. Win a nearly new three bed detached house for a fiver.

A change of circumstances in on persons live, however sad could be a positive life-changing experience for some lucky family. Sadly for the most, that’s how life works, it can’t be all bad.

So, you can win this mortgage free house for just one £5 entry, the current estate agents valuation is £240,000. The maximum number of tickets being sold is 135 thousand so that means the odds of winning are 135 thousand to one. Making more entries increases your odds winning. Making 5 entries increases your chance to 27,000 to one.

This house raffle closes on 23rd April 2018.

Entrants are all required to use their skill and judgement to answer three simple questions.

The Manchester house raffle competition can be entered on this website. Continue reading