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Gambling Dispute Resolution by using the Resolver website

Gambling Dispute Resolution made easier

Gambling Dispute Resolution by ResolverThe UK Gambling Commission had been working towards developing an easier way forward for gambling dispute resolution. The Resolver website was developed to resolve consumer issues online and that now includes issues with gambling companies.

From 1st August gambling consumers were able to use the Resolver online support tool to make gambling related complaints. The support tool will provide information about the issue the consumer wishes to complain about. Resolver supports the consumer by helping them to write emails and letters of complaint.

The Resolver Website

The website helps the consumer to make a complaint in a structured method and to make informed choices about what action to take. It is a free independent tool gaining information from the experiences of the consumer. The organisation is not an intermediary service but it has been designed to provide assistance to help the consumer resolve common problems. It also helps with managing customer expectation about the complaint issue.

This can help businesses to deal with complaints more efficiently when they receive them, and manages customer expectations about their complaint issue. The great thing about the Resolver help service is that it allows the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place. Better still, when you use the Resolver service, your email of complaint will sent from a Resolver email address and all communications are therefore logged. Effectively a case file is built for the consumer to use.

Although the organisation is an independent service the UK Gambling Commission has worked with them to develop the information that they use about gambling services.

To use the service go to the Dispute Resolution Website and click Leisure on the top menu. You can then search for the gambling website you require. There are already many online casinos listed in the system. Resolver will continue to add frequently asked questions so, the service should be constantly improving over time.

Gambling consumers should be aware but now that disputes can easily arise when using an online casino. Please, do read more about choosing a safe online casino. Please do minimise the chances of requiring a gambling dispute resolution service in the future.

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Google Blocking Bad Gambling Ads

Google blocking bad gambling Ads in 17 million results

Google Blocking Bad Gambling AdsGoogle blocking bad gambling ads to improve customer experience is quietly controversial. During 2016 Google removed 17 million paid adverts across its platforms for illegal gambling violations. Google has a policy of protecting people from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful marketing. They have a dedicated team of engineers working on this as part of their policy to fight the war against bad operators.

Gambling ads were not the only target. Google blocked 68 million healthcare adds for violation and 80 million ads for deceiving, misleading or shocking users. A further 7 million ads were blocked for attempting to trick its stringent detection systems.

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Online Gambling after Brexit

Online Gambling after Brexit may be a different ballgame

Online Gambling after BrexitWithin Europe many online casinos can operate freely if they are licensed within an EU Country. Online gambling after Brexit will probably be more restrictive than it now is. Many UK online casinos are licensed by the UK Gambling commission. That enables them to operate securely in the UK and in other countries where they are permitted to do so.

Some EU countries have been able to limit competition from foreign competitors. For example, Spain will not allow a foreign online casino to operate unless it has a Spanish domain name and is licensed in Spain. The Czech Republic has also done the same thing. The point here is that online casinos which do operate legally in Spain and the Czech Republic have to pay taxes in those countries. Finland has a free trade deal with Europe but they will not allow foreign online casino operators because their gambling industry is nationalised and prevents private gambling operations.

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Finland Gambling Law

Finland Gambling Law

Finland Gambling LawGambling in General

Finland gambling law has evolved around a state-controlled monopoly on all types of gambling. That includes land based betting and online gambling. It was set up to be controlled by three publicly owned organisations. They all donate profits to fund social projects something which the Finnish people relish.

Finland has been classified as the fifth largest gambling nation in the world. Finnish people love to gamble. Every year, Finnish people wage ten billion euros on lottery tickets, slot machines sports betting. 20% of that goes to good causes.

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Philippines Gambling

After a week of chaos the statement made by President Duterte has finally been clarified. Philippines gambling is now to exclude outsiders.

Philippines Gambling Clarification

Philippines Gambling
Yesterday Andrea Domingo clarified the intentions of Pagcor following a statement made by President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday. Andrea Domingo is the chairman of Pagcor regulate gambling in the Philippines. There was confusion after the Presidents statement in relation to the extent of a ban which he announced.

Andrea Domingo said that only unlicensed online gambling companies would be affected by President Duterte’s closure order. During October new licences were granted to 35 Filipino online gambling firms, the licences are valid for one year. It was thought that a total ban might include these firms. The President had caused confusion with his statement so this clarification was very welcome.

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Italian Gambling Laws

Italian gambling laws have always been on the prohibitive side to prevent problem gambling. The government has a strong aversion to games of chance. The number of licences granted is very limited.

Italian Gambling Laws

Italian Gambling LawsGambling history in Italy goes way back to the Roman Empire but it was not until 1638 that the first legal gambling house opened. The Government hoped to control gambling but it was only open to the rich because the stakes were too high. The first gambling house or Ridotto closed in 1774.

Some of you may know the word “casino” is of Italian origin. Following closure of the Ridotto gambling clubs became popular, they were known as casinos.

Prior to 2006, gambling in Italy was largely illegal except for sports betting and lotteries. All other forms of gambling were illegal. Legal forms of gambling were licensed and controlled by the State Monopolies Administration division of central government.

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Spanish Gambling Laws

Spanish Gambling Laws were changed during 2011 to prevent online gamblers using operators who are licensed outside of Spain.

Spanish Gambling Laws

Spanish Gambling LawsGambling Laws in Spain changed in 2011 when a new Act was introduced into Law. Prior to that gambling had been legal for more than 30 years but they needed to regulate the market.

Prior to the new legislation, the 17 autonomous communities looked after gambling in their own way so it became pretty fragmented. The new law was really a shake up at national level. The autonomous communities are still responsible for policy and administration of the law. Principally they will now regulate land based casinos and gambling establishments.

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German Gambling Laws

German gambling laws are being reviewed after the EU Court of Justice ruled that Germany could not exclude foreign gambling operators.

German Gambling History

German Gambling Laws - Casino BadenBy the 18th century gambling was flourishing in Germany after the first official establishment was opened. Casino Baden first opened in 1765. Others followed but in 1872 a government act was passed to close all casinos.

It was not until 1933 that gambling was again legalised. Casino Baden reopened but closed again in 1944 when the second world war broke out and did not reopen until 1950. Casino Baden is rated as one of the top ten land based casinos in the world.

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Canada Gambling Laws

Canada Gambling Laws are not as restrictive as in other countries, it is largely uncontrolled. Online gambling is legal and Canadians are permitted to use offshore gambling websites.

Canadian History

Canada Gambling Laws

Canada is now a huge country in North America stretching from the US in the south to the Arctic circle in the north. It also stretches westwards from the east coast of the Atlantic ocean to Alaska.

Part of Canada was colonised by France during 1604, we now know that area as Nova Scotia. Settlement spread across the western prairies beyond the great lakes and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Later in 1713 Nova Scotia, Hudson Bay and Newfoundland were lost to the English. In 1763 the English took full control with the Treaty of Paris. By then Canada was largely a French population but after the Treaty, many thousands of British and American Colonists emigrated to Canada.

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Cuban Gambling History

Cuban gambling history shows it went from cock-fighting to elite casinos and then after the revolution to an illegal lottery run by the mobsters.

The History of Cuba

Cuban Gambling HistoryThe story of local gambling history cannot be told without telling the story of Cuba itself. If you only want to read about local gambling history please scroll down.

Prior to the Revolution

During colonial times Cuba was a Spanish Colony trading much in the same way as other colonies. Cuba was trading sugar, there were plantations all over the Islands.

When the Spanish-American war ended in 1898 the losers, Spain were forced to sign away their rights to Cuba. The US took over control but Cuba was soon granted independence if they granted a perpetual lease to the US for a naval base, now known as Guantanamo Bay.

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