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How to Play Bridge

The Short History of Playing Bridge

Playing BridgePlaying bridge can be traced back to the early 16th century. Sometimes known as “whist” it became popularly known as bridge it was first played at the Portland Club in 1894 from where it became famous.

By 1925, bridge had developed and the game as we know it today was established. It was known as contract bridge.

The first World Championship for the game took place in 1937 and in 1960 it became recognised as an Olympic Sport. It is regarded as an intellectual game and it now played worldwide. The next Bridge World Championships are being held in Lyon.

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Playing Blackjack and Card Counting

Learn How to Play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack and Card CountingPlaying blackjack is really simple but there can be a lot of skill involved at winning. The secret is card counting to predict the next card.

According to records the history of blackjack goes back centuries in one form or another. However if was not until the 60’s that the public started learning to beat the dealer. The casinos soon got wise to it and came up with a simple way to reduce the odds of a player using card counting to win. The number of decks of cards being used could be increased to make prediction by card counting much more difficult.

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Blackjack History

Blackjack History – The Origins 

Blackjack HistoryBlackjack history began in 1440 when it was referred to by a French priest, the name of the game was Trente-un. (Thirty-one). By 1570 it was mentioned in the text of the famous French author Miguel de Cervantes who went on to write Don Quixote. The rules of “thirty-one” were not written for preserve but it was probably a game in which the score of the winning hand equated to 31.

Because the game was so simple there were many early variations of early card scoring games in France and Spain. The concept of a card game using a deck where the next card drawn would have a low probability of the player hitting a the target score and a high probability of not reaching it was exciting. Do you take another card and go past the target score or stick win with highest hand.

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Playing Card History

Playing Card History – How it all started

Playing Card History - Playing CardsPlaying card history evolved from domino cards. The origins of playing cards go back many centuries, they were invented during 9th Century in China. The modern pack of 52 cards is now generally accepted all over the world.

It is likely that playing cards originated in the same way as currency. Pieces of wood, bone and stone were used as small recognisable items of value. It is possible that the first early games involved playing with items of value used as wagers.

The first playing cards were of course printed, using wooden blocks, but carved bone was used before that. Early pictures from China show a 32 card domino pack with 21 combinations of a pair of dice as symbols. Playing card history can only extracted from what is written, and that was very little in terms of survival.

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Omaha Poker Practice for Free

Omaha Poker – How to Play

Omaha PokerOmaha Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games.  The game first appeared in Detroit in the early seventies, it was first known as “twice three”.

The game quickly spread across the big cities in the north and midwest of the US, especially Chicago and New York.

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7 Card Draw Poker Practice for Free

7 Card Draw Poker – How to Play

7 Card Draw Poker7 Card Draw Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games. The history of the game is not clear.  Some say it originated in France or  Germany, others say it originated in Persia. Another similar game originated in New England called Brag and involved bluffing just like Poker. The only difference is it is played with 3 cards.

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5 Card Draw Poker Practice for Free

5 Card Draw Poker – How to Play

5 Card Draw Poker5 Card Draw Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games. Although origins can be traced back to the middle ages it first spread like wild-fire across the wild west. It is the predecessor to Texas Holdem poker.

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Texas Holdem Practice for Free

Texas Holdem teach yourself how to play

Texas HoldemTexas Holdem is one of a group of so-called community card games. It’s origins go back to Robstown, Texas during the early 1900’s. Originally Aces were low but they were changed to high when the game was introduced to Las Vegas by a group of Texan gamblers in 1967.

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Poker Hands

Poker Hands

Poker HandsWatching out for potential winning poker hands can be exciting especially when you draw four Aces, its rarely beaten.

A standard deck of cards contains four suits of thirteen cards. It is normal deal poker hands from a standard shuffled deck of fifty cards and introduce additional decks as required, one at a time.

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Gambling History

Gambling History from Ancient Times to the Online Revolution Today

Gambling History - Ancient DiceAncient Gambling History

There is evidence  in gambling history that it all started in Egyptian times as far back as 3000 BC. A pair of dice was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. However it is not known whether it was a popular pastime with wagers being made. Maybe it was just a simple game.

According to documented gambling history it all started back in the ancient Greek and Roman times. There were references to it being born from the Gods. Although not legal in those times, it was practised by all walks of life from peasants to Emperors.

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