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Grand Saipan Imperial Pacific Resort Casino Opens

Saipan Imperial Pacific Resort Casino to open 31st March

Saipan Imperial Pacific ResortThe Facilities (Phase 1)

Phase one of the Saipan Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel opens next month at a cost of 550 million dollars. It will be a stunning facility of classical design complete with a casino. The casino will be the main attraction, a gambling paradise for those that dare.

The fourteen storey building has 340 stunning hotel suites and 14 opulent villas. In all, there are 140,000 square metres of world-class holiday resort. It is located at Garapan in the centre of the island.

The casino style resembles other world-class classical casinos and will open with more than 350 slot machines and 200 gaming tables.

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Saipan Gambling Boom

Who would have believed Saipan Gambling would be booming due to China’s battle to protect its currency and stamp out corruption.


Saipan GamblingIf you have heard of it you might know that it was the scene of a bloody world war II battle between Japan and America. At the end of the war America took sovereignty of the island. It is now a peaceful tropical holiday island in the Pacific Ocean with a resident population of just 50,000 people. It is just 2500 miles from Beijing in eastern China.

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