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Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle

Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle promises results

Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House RaffleEntry in the Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle will cost just £25 and £5 is allocated to charity. The competition started on 6th October 2017 and ends on 31st March 2018.

The value of the property is £1.7 million and there are three cash runners prizes of £10,000. There will only be 150,000 entries.

Johnstone Lodge has 32 acres of land including a nine-hole golf course. It comes complete with paid running costs for the first twelve months.

It many respects Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk house raffle is an enviable  contest.

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Scottish House Raffle

Scottish House Raffle – Dullatur House has 7 Bedrooms and an acre of land with a swimming pool

Scottish House Raffle Dullatur HouseDullatur House could be described as 7 bedroom mansion and you could win it in a Scottish house raffle for just £5 and live mortgage free. The closing date is 18th December 2017.

The house was purchased by the current owners and has been extensively modernised. Unfortunately the owner has now lost his job. Despite trying to sell the house for the past 12 months there have been no takers.

The property has been valued at £625,000 but has been marketed for £825,000. The owners hope to sell 250,000 tickets to raise enough money to cover the purchase costs. If they sell enough tickets by 9th  December 2017 the owners will make a £25,000 donation to the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity.

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