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Ironic Carolina Millions Win

When Glenda Jackson from North Carolina bought a scratch card ticket for the Carolina Millions, she expected to be making a point to her husband.

The Irony of this Carolina Millions Scratch Card Win

carolina millions glenda jackson57-year-old Glenda Jackson  from North Carolina was not happy with her husband Buddy frittering away money on gambling. She  decided to teach him a lesson after he had asked her to buy two Powerball tickets from the local Quik Mart in Asheville.

On 22nd October 2016, instead of buying the tickets her husband had requested, she decided to buy a ten-dollar scratch card for the Carolina Millions Lottery. Ironically, as luck would have it she won a  jackpot prize. Her idea backfired but everything now changed for Glenda and Buddy.

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Scratch Card History

Scratch Card History – How scratch cards came to be very successful

Scratch Card History National LotteryThe Invention

Most of us can recall seeing a scratch card or maybe even buying one. However you might not be aware that scratch cards were only invented in 1974, so they are a relatively new form of gaming. Scratch card history is relatively short.

Scratch cards were invented by two Americans, Mr Daniel Bower a retails promotion specialist and Mr John Koza, a computer scientist. They had already established that there was a huge market for an instant win Lottery Ticket and that was their motivation to develop the instant win scratch card.

Before of the idea instant win card was conceived, it was necessary to purchase a lottery ticket then wait for the numbers to be drawn. When buying a lottery ticket you have the option to choose a series of numbers or buy a ticket with randomly generated numbers.

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