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Slot Machine Cheat Tommy Carmichael

Tommy Carmichael is probably the most notorious slot machine cheat. Allegedly he stole millions of dollars from worldwide casinos.

Tommy Carmichael – Slot Machine Cheat

Tommy Carmichael Slot Machine Cheat

Technically we could call Tommy a thief but he was only playing the slot machines in a novel way. So, we call him a slot machine cheat, read on and see what you think.

His career spanned several decades. He was a genius at working out how to beat the slot machines with mechanical and electronic devices. In total, he only spent six years in prison. After his initial 5 year stretch in the early 80’s he returned to the casinos with a vengeance. He then did another one year term in 2000, after he was caught cheating on CCTV.

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Slot Machine Software Cheats

Two Americans, Ronald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNeal have gone down in history as two of the biggest slot machine software cheats of all time.

Slot Machine Software Cheats

Slot machine software cheats - Ronald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNealRonald Dale Harris and Reid Errol McNeal were charged during January of 1995 with attempted theft by deception, computer theft and conspiracy. New Jersey State Police had gathered sufficient information and evidence to charge both of these slot machine software cheats. They had scooped a Keno jackpot win of $100,000 from Bally’s Park Casino.

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Dennis Nikrasch Slot Machine Cheat

Dennis Nikrasch was a cunning criminal who went down as a famous slot machine cheater. It won him millions of dollars.

Dennis Nikrasch slot machine cheater

Dennis Nikrasch Slot Machine CheaterIt is estimated that Dennis from Chicago netted over 15 million dollars as slot machine cheater.

Nikrasch was the brains behind the crime but he got together a group of other professionals to help him rob the casinos. The principle target was casinos in Las Vegas.

As a fully competent locksmith he was able to commence his life of crime in Chicago where he would break in to luxury homes and retail stores. In the early days he was working for an organised crime ring. In 1961 he commenced a jail term of 10 years for various burglaries.

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