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Copy Cats Video Slot Game

Netent introduces Copy Cats Video Slot Game

Copy Cats Video Slot GameThe latest offering from Netent is the Copy Cats video slot game. Netent regularly introduce advanced new gaming software for online casinos. This new themed game is inspired by all things feline and features a great design with good graphics including some very cheerful and colourful cartoon cats. It also has some great features.

This slot game features some unusual cat creations, they are far more colourful than the average house cat. Be prepared to be shocked by blue, red, pink and gold cats with cartoon style faces. They replicate themselves across the reels and deliver some surprising big wins.

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UK Online Gambling Benefits

UK online gambling benefits compared with land based casinos are causing a shift towards internet based play. The reasons are not difficult to understand.

Consider UK Online Gambling Benefits against Land Based Casino Benefits in the UK

UK Online Gambling BenefitsGenerally

Firstly, if you live in the UK you will have access to hundreds of online casinos. Most of those will be totally bona-fide because they operate from the UK and have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. Some may be licensed in other offshore jurisdictions like Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney or Malta. We consider all these locations have sufficiently stringent licensing requirements.

Most online casinos operating in the UK choose to have a UK licence because it gives players added peace of mind. All land based casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Gambling Psychology

Gambling psychology is complex, reasoning and normality are senses that are all too often put to one side due to thrill and optimism.

Applied Gambling Psychology

Responsible Gambling PsychologyWhy do people gamble? because they can, but why they do is more of a mystery.

The majority of gamblers will lose, something which everyone knows but some people can be more dismissive than others. What drives gamblers to participate in something which is so obviously a losers game?

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Latest UK Gambling Statistics

Latest UK gambling statistics perhaps show that the open availability of Apps for mobile devices has caused more gamblers go online than ever before.

Latest UK Gambling Statistics published by the UK Gambing Commission

UK Gambling Statistics

The Main Statistics

New figures published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) show online gambling is now the largest gambling sector in the UK. The latest figures published by UKGC show online gambling accounts for 33% of all gambling in the UK.

Gross Gambling Yield

The total gross gambling yield was £13.6 million for the twelve month period from April 2015.

Latest UK gambling statistic published by the UKGC show a gross gambling yield of £4.5 billion for online gambling operators between April 2015 and March 2016. Over the same period, the National Lottery generated £3.4 billion.  The high street betting sector generated £3.3 billion and traditional casinos generated £1 billion.

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The History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas make interesting reading. It can be seen as a rags to riches transformation from an oasis to mega gambling destination.

The Early History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas 1906This photo of Las Vegas was taken in 1906, the year after the rail road came to Las Vegas in 1905. Prior to that there had been some early Mormon settlements and even earlier it was used as a staging post for merchants trading between California an Mexico. Whilst it is in the Mojave desert it is an oasis otherwise there would never have been any settlement of any kind. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”.

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Slot Machine History

Slot Machine History and how it was all started by a garage mechanic

Slot Machine History Liberty BellThe Invention of Charles Fey

Slot machine history tells us that an American living in San Francisco invented the first slot machine back in 1887. Charles Fey was a garage mechanic with incredible foresight.

Charles Fey called it the Liberty Bell, a name which first went down in History when American Independence was declared back in 1776. The Liberty Bell rang out in Pennsylvania just before the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed across the US.

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