The Sun City Casino in South Africa is in an amazing location, the designers had a lot of space to play with.

The Sun City Casino in South Africa is located in a major tourist resort

Sun City in South Africa is almost as it says, it is a massive self-contained development, first construction started in 1979.  The resort has almost a 20 km in circumference. It is a massive, opulent display of up-market hotels including stunning  entertainment centres, restaurants, shops, discos and extensive tropical style landscaped grounds. It even has its own Superbowl with 3500 seats. The Superbowl is used for conventions, banquets, high-profile promotions hosting famous name shows. There are four hotels including the Sun City Hotel and Resort Casino. You can also choose from the more casual Cascades Hotel, the family orientated Cabanas Hotel or the opulent Place of the Lost City. All have easy access to the casino.

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