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Italian Gambling Laws

Italian gambling laws have always been on the prohibitive side to prevent problem gambling. The government has a strong aversion to games of chance. The number of licences granted is very limited.

Italian Gambling Laws

Italian Gambling LawsGambling history in Italy goes way back to the Roman Empire but it was not until 1638 that the first legal gambling house opened. The Government hoped to control gambling but it was only open to the rich because the stakes were too high. The first gambling house or Ridotto closed in 1774.

Some of you may know the word “casino” is of Italian origin. Following closure of the Ridotto gambling clubs became popular, they were known as casinos.

Prior to 2006, gambling in Italy was largely illegal except for sports betting and lotteries. All other forms of gambling were illegal. Legal forms of gambling were licensed and controlled by the State Monopolies Administration division of central government.

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Spain Gambling GDP Growth

It seems that the Spanish Gambling GDP is set to continue rising in all sectors, especially in online gambling which has doubled in the past year.

Spanish Gambling GDP

Spanish Gambling GDPA shake up of Spanish gambling laws during 2011 continues to stimulate growth in the the Spanish gambling industry. Last year, gambling GDP equated to 3% of the total Spanish GDP. (Gross Domestic Product)

A report prepared by the CODERE Foundation last week states that land based gambling spending in Spain last year was 25.5 billion Euros. That was an increase of 6% over the figures for 2014.

Perhaps more surprising is that spending on licensed online gambling websites increased to 8.56 million Euros. The figure last year was 4.2 billion Euros so effectively it doubled in a year. Sports betting accounted for 41.3% of the total and 78% of that was generated from online betting.

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Sport Gambling History

Sport gambling history shows it has become on of the most popular forms of gambling in the modern-day since it went online. Gambling on sports events is now hugely popular.

Sport Gambling History

Sport Gambling HistorySince the late 1950’s, one of the most popular types of  sport gambling was entering the football pools. The object was to predict eight draws in top flight football and achieve 24 points. If you won the top prize it was a life changing win. Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters were the major companies involved. You could enter by post or have a local agent collect your entry. The outlay was very small and many people  started entering the football pools when the results were first televised. It was a hugely popular socially acceptable from of gambling.

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Internet Gambling Statistics

In this article we publish internet gambling statistics which show the growth in online gaming and betting is still increasing. It was a 3.7 billion pound industry last year.

Growth of Internet Gambling

Internet Gambling StatisticsGambling is something which has always been fun on occasions. Some of us might remember visits to an amusement arcade on a rainy day, a visit to the races or a bet on the Grand National, or the Derby. With all those scenarios it was necessary to visit a venue, perhaps a betting shop, or a seaside pier.

During the mid 1990’s the revolution of internet gambling was born. Now there are thousands of online casinos and gambling websites. You can visit from the comfort of your home or even, whilst commuting on a train. There are thousands of apps to play at online casinos on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also play in a web browser using your PC.

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