Playing online slots is something which most people can understand quickly but you might want to read this guide in case you have miss something. Foremost before you play a machine, take a look at the the symbols to see which symbols and combinations offer the best winning value. It is an idea to familiarise yourself before you start playing.

When Playing Online Slots

Look out for the machines with progressive slot jackpots. Whilst your payout rate is marginally less you could walk away with a big win!

Playing Online SlotsPlaying slots is pretty much the same as playing them in a casino. The only difference with playing online is that you might not be so distracted by things going on around you in a casino. Did you know that payout rates generally higher online because the overheads for the operator are lower? Also, payout rates will vary from  machine to machine so you might want to make sure you are playing the best one.

Payout rates on the popular machines tend to be lower. Payout rates determine the overall monetary return to players. All of this is controlled by the Licensing Authority and you will generally find it published on the Casino website, although it might be a little hidden.

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