New UK Gambling Petition

uk gambling petitionThe UK Government and Parliament have accepted a new UK Gambling Petition. The Petition seeks to adapt gambling laws to include video games, which target children and vulnerable adults.

In recent years, many video game companies have introduced mechanics which target children. At the moment, they those traits are not considered under the current law. The concern is that addictive playing can lead to real money being won or lost.

Currently the new UK Gambling Petition has 16,366 signatures. It requires 100,000 before can debated in Parliament. The Petition will run until 4th April 2018 which means it has a good chance of  succeeding. You can read the full Petition and sign it here.

On 11 October the government published the Internet Safety Strategy, setting out plans to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online. The Strategy outlines how the government will work with online platforms, game publishers and game developers, and with agencies such as the VSC Rating Board, to continue to improve online safety in games. This includes promoting further awareness and understanding of PEGI age ratings, parental controls and advice on safe gaming.

Gambling with video games which target children involves the use of virtual currency. The use of real currency is being made all to easy by some UK companies. Recently, China amended their laws to prevent the use of “so called” loot boxes which were considered to a form of gambling, which totally illegal in China.

There is a really cool map which shows whereabouts the signatures which have originated from within the UK. It is early days yet to predict the outcome of the Petition.

UK Gambling Commisson

We give support to the UK Gambling Commission for support against non adult gambling. In our opinion, growth has been extreme in the gambling sector and greater is control is required in a number of areas.

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