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The History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas make interesting reading. It can be seen as a rags to riches transformation from an oasis to mega gambling destination.

The Early History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas 1906This photo of Las Vegas was taken in 1906, the year after the rail road came to Las Vegas in 1905. Prior to that there had been some early Mormon settlements and even earlier it was used as a staging post for merchants trading between California an Mexico. Whilst it is in the Mojave desert it is an oasis otherwise there would never have been any settlement of any kind. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”.

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Venetian Casino Las Vegas

Not surprisingly, The Venetian Casino Las Vegas is a wonderful piece of Italian Culture set amongst the glitz of the strip.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Obviously this Resort Hotel is themed on Venice. When visiting you will feel like you are amongst really beautiful classical Italian buildings. The  hotel opened its doors back in 1999 after an intensive multi billion dollar construction project. Creating such an amazing building comes at a cost and no expense was spared. There are over 4000 hotel rooms on this site.

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