When a UK Lottery ticket expires the money is forfeited forever. Some poor soul from Bushey in Hertfordshire failed to claim their £1 million pound prize in time.

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Winning UK Lottery Ticket expires

UK Lottery Ticket ExpiresThis week, Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd who operate the National Lottery for the UK announced that a winning lottery ticket had expired. It was a one million pound prize in a raffle ticket draw so, we are not talking about a small win here.

The  winning UK lottery ticket expired at midnight on Thursday 30th October 2016. The draw for the winning ticket was made on 20th April and the ticket expires after 180 days if it is not claimed by then.

Furthermore, the winning ticket was purchased in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Bushey borders with the London Borough of Harrow, it is an affluent commuter belt area.

The bad news is some poor soul has missed out on a million pound prize. When a winning UK Lottery ticket expires, the prize is forever forfeited. The good news is that the prize money will now be invested into National Lottery funded projects across the UK.

Possible Scenarios

One wonders why someone would purchase a lottery ticket and then not claim such a substantial prize. It is understandable that a winner might not come forward straight away because they might not have checked the numbers yet. As time ticks on it is possible that the winning ticket got lost or destroyed by accident. If the ticket does still exist it might be better if the owner does not check it now, it would surely be a heartbreaking experience. It is hardly the sort of mistake you could openly talk about.

The possible scenarios are endless but at least the lost money will now go to a good cause. There are twelve independent organisations which decide where lottery funding is directed. They all have knowledge of the sectors they represent and they follow strict guidelines. Some examples of these organisations are the Art Councils of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Also the UK Sports Council and The Big Lottery Fund. The National Lottery played a major role in funding the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games when they were held in London.

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