It is extraordinary to see how many unclaimed UK Lottery prizes there are. Over the next three months seven potential millionaires might lose out.

Unclaimed UK Lottery Prizes

Unclaimed UK Lottery PrizesIt is surprising that so many major lottery prize winners do not claim their winnings. Players must present their ticket and claim their winnings within 180 days of the National Lottery draw for which the ticket was purchased.  If the prize money is not claimed, the money is reallocated to fund Lottery Projects.

We look here at unclaimed lottery prizes in the UK which are due to be voided over the next three months. That means that some of these winning tickets were purchased three months ago without a claim yet being made. There are some extraordinary wins here, the majority of beneficiaries would become instant millionaires.

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It is fair to say that most of the people who purchased these winning tickets are blissfully unaware of their Lottery win. Surprising it also is,  just how many unclaimed UK Lottery prizes are just sitting waiting to expire. It is understandable that someone might not realise they have won because they did not check the results straight away.

However, it must be said that after 3 months the chances of that person realising they have won are diminishing by the day. It does seem pointless to buy a lottery ticket if you are not going to check you have won.

Maybe some of the unclaimed Lottery prizes remain so because players have lost their tickets. It is very sad that this wealth opportunity might be forfeited by these eight players over the next three months. If you later discover you won, after the prize has been forfeited you may feel a little sick. However, at least you will know that your lost prize money was reallocated to a good cause.

If you purchased a lottery ticket in any of these places over the past three months it might be an idea to check it. They say “you have got to be in it to win it” but you also have to check your ticket.

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