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Fixed Odds Betting Terminals – Parliamentary Report

There has long been debate over fixed odds betting terminals since the UK Government ordered an investigation and report. The report as caused a furore.

Crunch Time for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT’s)

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Parliamentary Report

There has a furore over these betting terminals since the UK Government ordered an investigation and report. Such has been the anger since the report was completed, the Association of British Bookmakers is now calling for an enquiry by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. They claim the report was deeply flawed and possibly even biased.

For those of you who do not know what FOBT’s are they are electronic gaming machines. They are widely found in Bookmakers shops all over the UK. They can be used to gamble while playing roulette, blackjack, slot games and virtual racing. Referred to by some as the crack cocaine of gambling the UK watchdog GambleAware has long condemned them. They have been blamed for destroying communities and families due to their addictive powers and high wagering potential.

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Online Casino Security

How good is online casino security?

Online Casino SecurityOnline gambling is a rapidly expanding market, it has become enormously popular. However, many people are understandably worried about online casino security in general. The objective of this article is to educate readers so they can perhaps put their mind at rest about using an online casino.

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Google Blocking Bad Gambling Ads

Google blocking bad gambling Ads in 17 million results

Google Blocking Bad Gambling AdsGoogle blocking bad gambling ads to improve customer experience is quietly controversial. During 2016 Google removed 17 million paid adverts across its platforms for illegal gambling violations. Google has a policy of protecting people from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful marketing. They have a dedicated team of engineers working on this as part of their policy to fight the war against bad operators.

Gambling ads were not the only target. Google blocked 68 million healthcare adds for violation and 80 million ads for deceiving, misleading or shocking users. A further 7 million ads were blocked for attempting to trick its stringent detection systems.

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Online Casino Gambling Laws

When online gambling was born in the mid nineties the internet was a bit like the wild west. Now, increasingly more restrictive online casino gambling laws have throttled back the online casino networks.

Online Casino Gambling Laws are restrictive

Online Casino Gambling LawsIn the early days when the online casinos sprung up on the internet, it was something of a free for all. The UK was quick to set up online licensing requirements and the regulation of online casinos. Many other countries and gambling jurisdictions have since followed suit by introducing their own online casino gambling laws.

The reason why regulation flourished was understandably to protect players and make sure online casinos did not cheat. I am not saying they might have done but regulation is designed for protection.

Read about choosing a safe online casino.

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Choosing a Safe Online Casino

Vetting a Safe Online Casino

Safe Online CasinoIf you are looking to find a safe online casino then you need to focus on the important issues. There are not that many of them so, it should be a simple process.

Firstly, do not select an online casino website which does not render well in your own language because it could lead to communication problems. The last thing you want is a lack of understanding. It is very unlikely that you would be successful in a dispute when you might have misunderstood something. You need to able to read the terms and conditions and fully understand them. Take your time.

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Netent Mega Fortune Dreams £6.2 Million Slot Payout

Netent pays out £6.2 Million on Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams SlotA man from Cheshire in the UK recently won £6.2 million on the Netent Mega Fortune Dreams slot. His stake was just £1.25 on a single spin when he instantly became a multi-millionaire.

When the reels stopped spinning and he saw the amount he had won he went into shock mode. He said initially he was in disbelief that he could have won so much money. When the reality of the win dawned upon him he said; “The win is life changing for me and my family and gives us security for the future. The first thing that we will enjoy with the win will be a nice family holiday to Disneyland.”

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Divine Fortune Video Slot Game

Netent launches new Divine Fortune Video Slot Game

Divine Fortune Video SlotThe latest new offering from Netent is the Divine Fortune Video Slot game. It is due to be deployed in many online casinos at the end of January.

Netent have a reputation for producing some really great games like Dracula, South Park, Aliens, Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. The game has a mythical Greek theme takes you into an ancient Greek world of magical creatures like Medusa, Minotaur and Phoenix. There are also golden coins and legendary fortunes. This new video slot offers players three progressive jackpots.

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Gibraltar Brexit Fears

Gibraltar Brexit fears are gaining pace

Gibraltar Brexit FearsGibraltar Brexit fears are rising as a decision is awaited from the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Gibraltarians want to stay in the single market with good reason. It has become a tax haven for many financial services and online gambling operators.

The small rocky territory borders with the southern Iberian peninsula. It became part of Great Britain in 1713 when it was ceded by the Spanish under the Treaty of Utrecht. It is a highly populated territory with around 33,000 residents.

After the millennium, many bookmakers and online gaming operators moved to Gibraltar to benefit from low corporation tax. The tax regime was later modified during January 2011 but resident companies still enjoy a favourable corporation tax rate of 10%.

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UK Gambling Commission gets tough

The UK Gambling Commission is about to shakeup gambling regulations as a deterrent against problem betting and money laundering.

UK Gambling Commission getting tougher

UK Gambling CommissionChanges are about to happen at the Gambling Commission as they introduce formal penalties. The penalties would be designed to deter firms from breaking the rules regarding problem betting and money laundering. Sarah Harrison who took over as Chief Executive in 2015 had broadly hinted that changes were afoot. She urged them to comply ahead of the new legislation.

The objective of the Commission is to end the existing blanket approach of negotiating settlements for violations of the rules in favour of levying fines. The problem from the Commissions point of view has been that it take many months to negotiate settlements. Another possibility is that time limits may be placed on negotiated settlements.

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Helpful Online Gambling Tips

Getting the edge – online gambling tips

Online Gambling TipsMany existing players will have developed their own online gambling tips or strategies. The purpose of this article is to help beginners and perhaps help a few existing players to understand the basics. If you want to get the edge and decrease your personal risk, read on.

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