Dagenham House Raffle is under way

Dagenham House RaffleA new Dagenham house raffle is under way and you can win the house for just £2 subject to terms and conditions. The closing date for the raffle is 30th January 2018. The couple raffling it have decided to let the lucky new owners win it for a small sum.

The couple also hope to donate £25,000 to charity from the proceeds. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets which can be purchased.

In order to enter the raffle you have to answer a simple question with your entry.

The owners need to sell tickets that amount to £350,000, to include the cost of things such as stamp duty, legal fees and administration costs.

The current owners are also offering the new owners support to become property investors to obtain an income from the property.

Your chance of winning this house is substantially higher than the chance of winning the National lottery and Euromillions.

You can enter the competition by submitting a cheque or postal order directly to the owner. Just visit the website to obtain the full details.

The address of the house is 25 Ellerton Road, Dagenham, Essex.

The current value of the house is approximately £300,000. What a great opportunity to win a Dagenham House Raffle.


Another Property Raffle  is taking place in London

Blackheath London Property Raffle – Price per ticket £5, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is 114,000. The closing date is 7th January 2018. The estimated value is £570,000.

Another Property raffle taking place in Cyprus

Cyprus Villa Raffle – Price per ticket £2, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is £200,000. The closing date is 1st February 2018. The estimated is value is £400,000.