Online Gambling

The first thing you need to understand about responsible gambling is that online gambling is different to gambling at a casino. You do not need to get dressed up and go out to visit an online gambling website. That means it is easier to gamble. The second thing is that you will inevitably have more time to gamble on a mobile phone or tablet because you can participate whilst you are out and about. You do not need to be at home using a computer. The easy availability of online gambling does not help to promote responsible gambling.

Safer Play

Gambling is considered to be a leisure activity. However it is important to understand that it does have some very serious risks. It is a fact that most people who play the lottery, place a bet or play a casino game will lose. It is important that you and your family and friends should understand how to protect yourselves if there is a problem with gambling. The first step is realising that there is a problem.

There is an overwhelming desire to gamble in the quest for a Jackpot win or a big payout. Safer play will prevent damage to relationships, finances and sometimes health.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

Never think that gambling is a way to make money. Gambling may give you a quick return but think about it. In the long term you will lose because the odds are stacked against you.

Do not gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

If you start losing do not think that if you keep going you will win.

It will help if you set a money limit and a time limit. How many gamblers start winning then play on to lose it all. Quitting when you are up is a sensible thing. If you are feeling depressed or upset it is not advisable to gamble. Your personal judgement could be impaired. You should not gamble when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, when your judgement will definately be impaired.

Do not allow yourself to become a compulsive gambler. Fill your time with other activities.


Much has been published about gambling problems,  not surprisingly some people do develop very serious problems. It is an addiction.

If you think you, or someone you know is being affect by gambling, there are organisations who can help.


UK Gambling Commission

Some online casinos have built in mechanisms to help you. For example Mr Green can help you set personal limits to control your gambling. Those limits can control the amount of deposit, the amount you can lose and the wagering amount. That seems like a pretty sensible approach to promoting responsible gambling.


Responsible Gambling