Sea Raider Video Slot Game by Genesis Gaming

Sea Raider Video Slot GameThis game was recently developed by Genesis Gaming. The Sea Raider video slot game has a nautical theme with lost treasures and mythical creatures. This is a bold addition to the Genesis games portfolio.

Genesis Gaming are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and use the Microgaming Quickfire gaming platform. This game is reminiscent of an arcade game with plenty of features.

The game is an adventure with fantastic animals, treasure chests and sea creatures including sharks and clams. Keep your eyes open for the valuable pearls. Venture down to the sea bed and discover the different marine environments.

During the bonus feature a mythic sea beast appears ant you start collecting those pearls. Collect five and rise up to the next level. If you catch one of the beasts you win a big prize. The beasts are also the key to locating the lost treasure.

Be prepared when the shark comes along, it eats the all the fish. If you catch it you will receive a prize plus the value of all the fish the shark has eaten. Destroy the bomb and receive the value of all the fish destroyed in the blast. Destroy the treasure chest and receive a large random prize. If you kill the electric eel it will electrocute all the fish around it. You win prizes for all the fish killed.

It is a 5 reel, three row slot and it has a transparent background so you can follow the game. The return to player is 96.72% which is the average rate over time. The win rate is variable during game play.

Our Review

The game is easy to understand, to learn and play. Once you have mastered it you will be able to take advantage of the bonus features and maybe win some big money.

The Sea Raider theme is well put together and the animated graphics are a joy to play. The screen colours are well-chosen with good contrast which is necessary to recognise the creatures moving across the screen. You will never be bored playing this game because it gets you involved.

No download is required you can play the game in your web browser or on a mobile device or tablet.


Our Verdict

This video slot game will appeal to almost anybody especially those of you who like to play a game which requires a good sense of co-ordination.

The undersea theme has been well executed by Genesis Gaming, it has to be said they did a great job. The presentation is excellent.

The Sea Raider video slot game can be played at Bet365, Royal Panda and Slotsmillions. These online casinos feature most Genesis Gaming video slot games.

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