Stanley Fujitake – Hawaiian Golden Arm King of Craps

Stanley Fujitake - Hawaiian Craps King Golden Arm ClubStanley Fujitake is remembered for a famous day in May 1989 when he rolled the dice 118 times for more than three hours. He earned the title, Hawaiian Craps King, founded the Golden Arm Club and won around $30,000 dollars. It happened at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The owner of the casino at time was Sam Boyd who offered cheap vacation packages to the Hawaiian Islanders. The casino was down-town but that did not seem to matter. Hawaiians were attracted to the cheap packages in their droves, sometimes the flights cost less the $10. It was one of those tourism ideas which clicked and fell into place. The Alohan language is spoken for the Islanders and hotel has a Hawaiian theme.

Those of you who understand playing craps will know that holding onto the dice of even half an hour is an unusual feat. One hour is outstanding but more the three hours set a record at the time.  For those of you who would like to understand the game of craps, check this out.

Stanley was a recognised craps player at the time and could resist the opportunity of playing, especially during his many trips to Las Vegas. Developing a technique to roll the dice at craps is questionable, many say that it is just luck, especially when playing at a casino where the conditions are controlled. So it would appear the he had an incredible run of luck on the day.

Sadly, Stanley passed away during 2000 but his legendary and record-breaking game of craps has gone down in history. He was also known as the man with the golden arm and the founder of the Golden Arm Club.

What his wife said about the Hawaiian Craps King

Satsuko Fujitake was married to Stanley the Hawaiian Craps King for 54 years before he died. She will always be remembered because she introduced the legend to the game. He then became obsessed about the game and took it to the next dimension.

She still remembers fondly that morning and describes it as a once in a lifetime deal for her husband. She awoke that morning to find her husband’s bed had not been slept in so she ventured downstairs to the casino. Her first recollection was seeing a huge number of people around the craps table. She did not notice her husband playing at the table at first because a crowd had formed.

Satsuko had not noticed her husband was holding the dice so she left amidst all the hustle and bustle in the casino. She was unaware of what happened until a while later when people started offering her congratulations. Then she noticed he husband was holding the dice.

She still recalls that morning when he won around $30,000 dollars over those few hours. Satsuko now says it is not the money she remembers but the moment she will never forget. She now remembers him as the Hawaiian Craps King and says he will be a champ forever in her heart.

At the time Stanley Fujitake struck gold they had been visiting Las Vegas once a month. Satsuko still manages to make a visit to Vegas every other month.

The Golden Arm Club

She the ironic thing about that morning was that due the game, the Californian Hotel and Casino had lost about €750,000 in winnings to players gathered around the table who were betting that Stanley Fujitake would continue winning.

The casino made light of their losses and capitalised on the marketing opportunity which presented itself.  Stanley became known as the The Golden Arm and the Golden Arm Club was formed in his honour. The Club features a glass cabinet with Fujitake’s hand cast in bronze holding those winning dice.

Craps players who have managed to roll the dice for more than and hour can now join the Club. There are now more than 300 members.

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