New Pac-Man Battle Royal Casino Game set to launch in Las Vegas

Pac-Man Casino GameA new Pac-Man Battle Royal casino game will launch in Las Vegas casinos during 2018. It will be a game of skill for 2 to 4 players.

Pac-Man was first developed by Namco and released in Japan during May 1980. It was designed by the now famous Toru Iwatani and it became popular all over the world. It took over from Space Invaders as an iconic arcade game. If you can remember it the object of the game was simply to navigate an munch your way through the dots. The game hosted a number of attractions including lives to keep you in the game for longer. There were also those famous four ghosts to consume.

Some of the most successful arcade games involved acquiring skills and Pac-Man was no exception. So does an arcade game like Pac-Man belong in a casino?

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