Macau launched into life and quietly became the gambling centre of the world. It is now indisputably number one in the Asian gambling market.

Catch up with the Asian gambling market

Asian Gambling MarketMacau the Champion

Macau is a magnet for the Chinese who cross the border everyday for their gambling trips.

Once an old colonial trading port, Macau is now home to more than half a million people. Most of them are connected with the gambling industry in one way or another. Read about Macau gambling history. It is one of the most densely populated countries with a population density of 22 thousand people per square kilometre. (Hong Kong only has 6 thousand per kilometre)

Being the champion of gambling is not always the best place to be because other jurisdictions also have their eye on the business. Macau attracted almost 31 million visitors during 2016 and generated 28.33 billion dollars in revenue. It is unrivalled in term of revenue.

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