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The History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas make interesting reading. It can be seen as a rags to riches transformation from an oasis to mega gambling destination.

The Early History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas 1906This photo of Las Vegas was taken in 1906, the year after the rail road came to Las Vegas in 1905. Prior to that there had been some early Mormon settlements and even earlier it was used as a staging post for merchants trading between California an Mexico. Whilst it is in the Mojave desert it is an oasis otherwise there would never have been any settlement of any kind. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”.

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Casino Chips

Casino Chips are form of currency designed to improve all round security. Mostly, they are tied to the casino where they were obtained.

Casino Chips

Casino ChipsCasino chips came about during the 1880’s. Prior to that, real money was used mostly but some casinos did introduce crude currency systems. Pieces of ivory wood, or bone were used to simulate money. The first chips were made out of clay and even today a clay composite is widely used. Some casino chips are ceramic to give them an appealing edge.

Having chips as a currency avoids a lot of security problems. They are intended for use in the casino where the level of security is usually very high. When entering the casino gamblers can purchase chips from the cage to suit their type of gaming. Unlike normal currency there are some very high value chips. So, the idea is that you cash your casino chips in when leaving the casino.

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Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

The Bellagio Casino Las Vegas is a classy gaming venue on the Vegas strip with a romantic Italian theme. Ideal for a bit of retail therapy and some gourmet feed.

The Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

It is an established as a front running hotel in Las Vegas. It offers luxurious rooms, gourmet dining, designer shopping outlets and good variety of entertainment. The fountains of Bellagio are famous they have appeared in many commercials and movies. Furthermore, there are 19 restaurants to choose from, something for everybody. Every 15 minutes the outside fountains oscillate in harmony with classical music from Broadway.  At night this fountain display is spectacular. Not surprisingly everyone gets fountain fever.

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