Bermuda Gambling Laws have been updated to allow resort type casinos to operate on the islands. Bermuda would make a great gambling hotspot for US gamblers. Being located close to the east coast of the US it could attract a lot of gambling tourists.

About Bermuda

Bermuda Gambling LawsBermuda was discovered by the Spanish but was not colonised until 1609. That happened after a British ship was wrecked on a reef of Bermuda. Bermuda takes its name from Juan de Bermúdez who first discovered it. By 1612 Bermuda was colonised by the British and now it has a mixed population of 65,000 people. Bermuda has British, African and Caribbean roots due to it location and the slave trade.

The economy of Bermuda evolved with agriculture, shipbuilding and salt trading. That was until the 1900’s when it became famous for tourism. Today tourism is the largest industry and many cruise ships are lured there by the endless beauty and rich culture of Bermuda.

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