Roulette History and the evolution of the game as it is today

Roulette History – Blaise Pascal invented the Roulette Wheel

The origins of Roulette as we know it today are not certain but a French man is credited with the invention of the Roulette wheel. Blaise Pascal was a French physicist and mathematician working towards the invention of a perpetual motion machine. Roulette history started then. In 1655 Pascal invented the roulette wheel as a means of generating random numbers. Sadly it needed to be given a spin to start it and it came to rest soon enough. Many others have tried to invent perpetual motion but it has long been acknowledged that the laws of Physics prevent this.

In Roulette history his invention went relatively unnoticed for more than a century. The first accounts of playing Roulette as we know it were reported in 1796 in Paris. Roulette history generally concludes that the actual date the game was invented is not known.

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