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Bitcoin Future

Investors are constantly looking for serious assets in which to invest. Bitcoin is fast becoming a serious asset which further boosts Bitcoin future.

Bitcoin future depends on perception of it as serious asset

Bitcoin Future
During 2016, Bitcoin constantly gained ground against other assets, It more than doubled in value and outstripped gold as a prime investment asset.

Initially, most serious investors considered Bitcoin to be a weak upstart, lacking substance. Dismissed by many, investors are now beginning to accept Bitcoin could replace gold as a primary investment asset. Part of the problem has been the existence of Bitcoin as a virtual asset residing on the internet. Acceptance takes time and dismissive attitudes are now being displaced by reality. Coupled with that predictions for Bitcoin during 2017 are quite astounding.

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Thousand Dollar Plus Bitcoin

Bitcoin breaks the thousand dollar mark

The Thousand Dollar Plus Bitcoin

Thousand Dollar Plus BitcoinToday, as trading began the bitcoin hit the 1000 dollar market the thousand dollar plus bitcoin has arrived. A long expected event. In fact as trading continued it rose to almost 1017 dollars before dipping and then rising again to 1013. this was the first time the bitcoin hit this level for three years. Can the thousand dollar plus bitcoin sustain itself at this level? Many predict that it will.

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Why Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin? It is a massive success story with unprecedented growth, Bitcoin could pave the way for a cashless society in not so many years.

Why Bitcoin?

Why BitcoinBitcoin originated from a technology base rather from a banking system, that is why it is uniquely different. Bitcoin caused one of the biggest shocks in the financial markets when it was released in 2009. It was the first currency not to be regulated by any government, organisation or any single entity. It is a virtual currency.

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