Bristol Cottage Raffle  – Roselands Stunning Period House comes up for raffle

Roselands Bristol Cottage RaffleThis enviable period cottage is valued at around £1 million and your could own it for just £2. This Bristol cottage raffle will be a life changing experience for the new owner of Roselands.

We call this a cottage because that is how it looks but it has been extended to over 4,000 square feet and now boasts 17 rooms. It was originally constructed during 1829 on a plot of half an acre close to the River Avon just 10 minutes into the centre of Bristol.

The owner, Tricia Hamilton wants to relocate to Surrey to be closer to her family. She hopes to sell 500,000 tickets to realise the value of the house plus costs. The winner of this cottage will be mortgage free.

The competition is expect to last for six months. If insufficient tickets are sold the winner will receive the raffle money substituting costs.  Entrants will be expected to answer and historical question.

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