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Casino Niagara Investment

It was announced this week that 20-year-old Casino Niagra is to be given a facelift to keep it attractive and improve customer experience.

Casino Niagra to be given a refit

Casino Niagra TowerThe casino opened in 1996 in Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada. It is a popular tourist attraction next Clifton Hill with a striking tower which offered magnificent views over the Niagra district. The only problem is the tower has now been closed for safety reasons.

It is a publicly owned casino, constructed by the Crown Agency funded by lottery and gaming revenue. The casino has 1300 video lot and poker machines, including 350 with progressive slot jackpots. There is a poker room and table gaming area with 30 tables offering most of the popular card games and roulette. Niagra Casino runs regular tournaments and promotions. There are four restaurants, the Lucky Steakhouse, the Market Buffet, Perks Cafe and the Quench Bar.

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Canada Gambling Laws

Canada Gambling Laws are not as restrictive as in other countries, it is largely uncontrolled. Online gambling is legal and Canadians are permitted to use offshore gambling websites.

Canadian History

Canada Gambling Laws

Canada is now a huge country in North America stretching from the US in the south to the Arctic circle in the north. It also stretches westwards from the east coast of the Atlantic ocean to Alaska.

Part of Canada was colonised by France during 1604, we now know that area as Nova Scotia. Settlement spread across the western prairies beyond the great lakes and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Later in 1713 Nova Scotia, Hudson Bay and Newfoundland were lost to the English. In 1763 the English took full control with the Treaty of Paris. By then Canada was largely a French population but after the Treaty, many thousands of British and American Colonists emigrated to Canada.

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