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The Roselli Brothers masterminds in ID theft

The Roselli Brothers

The Roselli BrothersFamous for their deception, the Roselli brothers systematically stole 37 million dollars from casinos in the US and Puerto Rico during the 1990’s.

These two brothers were smart cookies. They managed to hide their deception for many years, to this day only they know who they are. The perfect crime, perhaps.

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Monique Laurent Roulette Cheat

During 1973 together with her family, Monique Laurent almost pulled off one of the best technological roulette gambling scams of that time. She won over a million dollars in a week as a Roulette cheat.

The Monique Laurent – Roulette Cheat

Monique Laurent Roulette CheatMonique was born on Valentines Day, 1948, in Deauville, France, on the Atlantic Coast of lower Normandy.

Her Roulette cheating did not start until she was 25 years old. She had an ordinary childhood growing up with her family, the only outstanding thing about Monique was her beauty. She was intelligent and a stunning looking young woman.

The surprising thing about this Roulette cheat is how they managed to pull it off. It is a story of technological achievement. 1973 was time when electronics were a lot less advanced than they are today.

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Ida Summers Casino Cheat

Ida Summers probably thought of herself as just a gambler with the edge. The truth is she probably went down in history as biggest casino cheat of all time.

Ida Summers Casino Cheat – Charm Beauty and Skill

Ida Summers Casino CheatIt was probably her beauty and charm which facilitated her success as a casino cheat. Apart from being very skilled at cheating with cards apparently, she was a very professional flirt. Being very pretty and petite with a huge personality she was nicknamed as the “Vegas Vixen”.

History tells us that most casino cheats were males so, being an attractive female may just have given her the edge. Also historically, most gambling scams involved using pretty women as a distraction.

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Richard Marcus Casino Cheat

Richard Marcus was a prolific casino cheat. Although he was caught a few times he was never convicted. Later, he wrote a book about his cheating escapades and made enough money to stop cheating the casinos.

Richard Marcus Casino Cheat – The Early Years

Richard Marcus Casino Cheat

He grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. His affinity with gambling started as a young child. He used to gamble with his parents on the colour of the next car they would see, when out on trips in the family car.

Later, he used to collect and flip baseball cards with his friends. His friends would often lose so they developed a cheating strategy to beat him. They secretly switched baseball cards amongst themselves and went on to trick him out of his entire collection.

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