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New Virtual Reality Slot Game

New Virtual Reality slot game is in development

Virtual Reality Slot GameNetent, the international casino software provider announced this week that they are to develop a new virtual reality slot game. It is to be based on the successful Gonzo’s Quest video slot game.

Virtual reality technology has now advanced sufficiently to enable a mobile phone interface. Development has moved fast and the latest 3D VR headsets utilising mobile phones can be purchase for less than £100. Samsung seem to have the broken new ground by incorporating a standard mobile phone into this new type of device. As far as we know Apple does not yet have a similar device.

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Choosing a Safe Online Casino

Vetting a Safe Online Casino

Safe Online CasinoIf you are looking to find a safe online casino then you need to focus on the important issues. There are not that many of them so, it should be a simple process.

Firstly, do not select an online casino website which does not render well in your own language because it could lead to communication problems. The last thing you want is a lack of understanding. It is very unlikely that you would be successful in a dispute when you might have misunderstood something. You need to able to read the terms and conditions and fully understand them. Take your time.

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3D Video Slot

The early 3D Video slot was something of a failure. They flopped rather like 3D TV. Maybe it was because of those hideous glasses you had to wear.

The Development of 3D Video Slot

3D video slotMicrogaming invested heavily in developing 3D technology for use on video slots. They launched their ” Sterling Silver” 3D slot machine for use in land based casinos. The first 3D video game used the same technology used in the TV industry. The downside of that was that you had to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the full benefit of the machine.

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